For most traditional tooth replacement options, the biggest factor in choosing the right restoration is often how many teeth you’ve lost. However, dental implants are designed to replace the roots of your lost teeth in order to support your restoration more securely. This makes them a valuable addition to dental restorations of all sizes, no matter how many teeth they’re designed to replace.

Single-tooth replacements

Losing a single tooth can have serious consequences for your oral health, particularly due to the loss of the tooth’s root. In fact, many cases of more severe tooth loss begin as a single lost tooth, and the continuing consequences to your dental ridge. For example, after losing the tooth, the bone structure around the root’s socket will resorb. Without stimulation from the root, it will continue to lose mass and density over time, impacting the overall health and integrity of your jawbone. Replacing the tooth with a dental implant and crown can help stop this from occurring and lower your risks of experiencing more extensive tooth loss in the future as a result of it.

Multi-teeth replacements

Many people lose more than one tooth by the time they seek to restore their smiles, or lose another tooth after restoring their initial lost one with a conventional dental bridge. This is largely due to the compounding impacts of losing the tooth’s root. Traditionally, replacing multiple lost teeth that are adjacent to each other required a dental bridge, which consists of the appropriate number of tooth replacements supported by one or a pair of dental crowns. While a dental bridge may still be appropriate if you’ve lost multiple adjacent teeth, supporting the restoration on one or more dental implants can give the bridge greater support, and help you avoid having to modify your nearby healthy tooth structure.

Full-arch replacements

When patients have lost all of the healthy, natural teeth on their upper or lower dental ridges, a denture is the typical solution for replacing them. Complete with a full row of lifelike replacement teeth, dentures can restore the appearance of your smile after severe tooth loss and some of your bite’s function. However, supporting your full-arch restoration on a series of dental implants is the best way to fully restore your smile and prevent the extensive loss of your teeth roots from leading to more severe oral health complications in the future.

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