Replacing one or more lost teeth is an important step in many people’s quest to preserve their smiles. When tooth loss occurs, it can have several negative impacts on your smile and oral health, from your smile’s appearance to the long-term stage of your remaining teeth and oral structures. When it comes to replacing lost, you may have multiple options for replacing them and restoring your smile. In many cases, the difference that a dental implant restoration makes can have significant advantages for your smile.

The dental implants that support them

Dental implant posts are small, biocompatible posts that are designed to restore the functions of lost teeth roots. The most immediate function is to support your custom-designed dental crown, bridge, or full-arch restoration in a similar way to how your healthy teeth are supported by their roots. Giving your restoration one or more root-like posts for support eliminates the need for conventional measures, such as supporting a bridge on dental crowns or using hidden clasps to secure a partial denture.

The way they function when you bite and chew

The ability to anchor your restoration to your dental ridge has many different implications for your oral health, including how your restoration performs when you bite and chew with it. Your healthy, natural teeth owe much of their stability to the roots that hold them, and conventional restorations lack the ability to mimic this level of support. However, with dental implants securing it, your dental restoration can bite and chew a variety of different foods with nearly as much comfort as your healthy, natural teeth.

The way they preserve your oral structures

Every time you bite and chew, the pressure from the action stimulates your restoration. With a conventional dental bridge or denture, this stimulation can begin to wear down the restoration and its supportive structures. However, with dental implants, the pressure stimulates the implant posts, which in turn stimulates the jawbone structure surrounding them. Rather than wearing down your restoration, this enables your implants to preserve the health and integrity of your underlying jawbone structure more successfully. Restoring stimulation promotes a healthier flow of minerals and nutrients to your dental ridge, which helps prevent the loss of mass and density that can occur after losing one or more teeth roots.

Learn how you can benefit from an implant restoration

With one or more dental implants to support it, your dental restoration can offer more comprehensive results when it comes to restoring and preserving your smile. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.