Closeup/ Implant surgical kits/ mini screw/ screw driver/ drilling bits on white background.Individuals who have experienced tooth loss may be at an impasse when deciding what to do about the situation. The fact of the matter is, however, that choosing not to act on seeking a solution can be detrimental to your oral health, as having one or more missing teeth can and will affect your bite, the chances of developing an oral disease caused by bacteria looming in the crevices, and so on. Because of these reasons, many people choose to go the route of dental implants due to their versatility and benefits. But what happens if your jaw bone and tissue are relatively minimal and cannot support the titanium posts? At The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, Texas we offer a variety of restoration options that suit you and your situation best, including the option of mini implants.

Know Your Options

Once you experience tooth loss, your jaw bone begins to deteriorate or erode due to the lack of tooth roots. When this occurs, patients may not qualify for standard dental posts, and may instead need to undergo the process of jawbone grafting to fortify the bone’s structure. While this has been the standard practice for some time, other procedures can now be considered. As an alternative to bone grafting, a person could also benefit from the process of receiving mini implants.

The Benefits of Mini Implants

This restorative option involves the use of smaller, mini-posts that are specifically designed to utilize the minimal amount of available jaw structure as their support. They are designed with a thinner, shorter stature in mind, but maintain the strength and ability to withstand standard bite pressure, so you can rest assured knowing that your posts will not give way to routine behaviors. Benefits of this procedure include avoidance of invasive and extensive prerequisite procedures, the ability to rebuild your smile even after significant time has passed since losing teeth, enjoying the benefits of secure restorations, and even faster placement and healing.

Additionally, this option of restoration is actually dependable and sound, as standard posts are two-pieced and hollow, while mini-posts are a single, solid piece of metal able to endure stress while maintaining the strength to enhance the chances of long-term success. For more information, contact our office today.

Learn More About Restorative Options

We at The Dental Implant Place recognize the difficulties that accompany losing a tooth or a few teeth, and we want to provide you options that not only will work best for you, but leave you feeling satisfied with your smile’s appearance and functionality. For more information about types of restorations and options, contact our Fort Worth, Texas dentist by calling our office at 817-560-0414 today to learn more.