Restoring your smile often means saving a tooth that’s damaged or compromised in some way. In some cases, it can mean having to replace a tooth that’s been lost before it was able to be saved. However, there are times when a tooth is bound to be lost because of the concerns it experiences, but still remains despite posing a threat to the rest of your oral health. To remove this threat and restore your bite’s ability to function properly, saving your smile might mean choosing to extract the tooth so your dentist can replace it.

Common reasons for needing tooth extraction

The need for tooth extraction isn’t exactly a common one when it comes to other restorative dental treatments. However, there are multiple types of concerns that can lead to tooth extraction when they become severe enough. For example, a worn-down or damaged tooth might become so damaged that most or all of its healthy, natural crown structure has become compromised. What’s left may not support a restoration, and become more damaged and more of a threat to your oral health over time.

The value in acting promptly

When a tooth is so severely compromised that extracting it is the best option for your oral health, it likely means the problem will only get worse the longer the compromised tooth structure remains. This makes it especially important to extract the tooth as soon as possible, and to plan on restoring your smile with a highly lifelike replacement. For instance, a dental implant and crown can create a replacement for the tooth’s root and natural crown, allowing you to restore more of the tooth’s function.

Restoring your smile the same day

When you choose to extract a tooth, time is of the essence. That’s true in extracting the tooth as well as in replacing it, as the tooth’s absence can have a continuingly negative impact on the rest of your teeth and oral structures, as well. To help improve the long-term results of your treatment, you may benefit from same-day tooth extraction. Following your tooth extraction, we can replace the tooth with a custom-designed dental implant restoration, all during the same visit.

Learn if you can benefit from tooth extraction

In severe cases, when a tooth is too compromised to be successfully saved, preserving the rest of your smile can depend on how promptly you extract and replace the tooth. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.