These days, many people who experience tooth loss choose dental implant restorations as their solution of choice. With one or more dental implant posts to support their replacement teeth, they can enjoy a more comfortable and secure restoration, as well as preserve their healthy oral structures more effectively. However, there are many people who have dealt with tooth loss for years, but have yet to realize the benefits that come with dental implants. For people with extensive tooth loss, or have experienced significant loss of mass and density in their dental ridges over time, we may suggest restoring their smiles with small-diameter dental implant posts.

How dental implants are designed to work

Whether small or average, a dental implant post is designed to work by integrating with the bone structure of your dental ridge. Dental implants are crafted from biocompatible titanium, and after being placed within the jawbone, the bone structure fuses to their surfaces. Once the process is complete and the dental ridge has healed, this fusion (or osseointegration) makes the dental implants a semi-permanent part of your dental ridge. This allows them to support a dental restoration, such as a full-arch restoration, with a higher level of comfort and support than a traditional dental bridge or denture.

When your dental ridge loses mass and density

When you experience tooth loss, many of the consequences can take years to become apparent. For example, after losing one or more of your teeth roots, your dental ridge also loses some of the stimulation that it receives whenever you bite and chew. The loss of this stimulation can result in your body sending fewer minerals and nutrients to the dental ridge, and the bone structure can lose mass and density because of it. If this process has become significant by the time you seek to receive dental implants, then there may not be sufficient bone structure to support the multiple implants that your restoration will need.

How small-diameter dental implants help

Small-diameter dental implants are designed to work just like traditional dental implant posts. However, they’re designed specifically to help patients who may have less bone structure in their dental ridge due to extensive tooth loss and jawbone erosion. Smaller dental implant posts can offer a comparable level of support for your restoration when you bite and chew, but don’t require as much bone structure surrounding them to promote successful osseointegration. This can help you avoid the need for prerequisite treatment, such as jawbone grafting, before receiving your dental implant restoration.

Benefit from small-diameter dental implants

If you’ve experienced significant tooth loss, then small-diameter dental implants may help you keep your smile restoration minimally invasive. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.