Ft. Worth Dental ExtractionLosing a tooth can be a frightening concept for many of us, and isn’t the first option most would prefer when it comes to the health of their smile. While there is a myriad of benefits from receiving a dental restoration, the fact of the matter is that the idea of permanently losing a tooth is scary. What many individuals are unaware of, however, is that in certain circumstances, extraction is the only viable option for the sake of preserving your oral health. The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, Texas recognizes that there are many circumstances in which extraction is not necessary, but also urges to keep in mind when you should consider it.

When It is Beyond Repair

It is possible that a tooth can be extremely compromised by some circumstance, such as if it became infected by oral bacteria and was permitted to progress so much so that there is no longer enough healthy structure left of the tooth to save it. In this circumstance, extraction would be considered in order to preserve your smile’s health. Keep in mind, however, that losing an oral structure can still have a negative impact on your smile in the long run. With a gap in your smile, your bite can be affected and throw it off balance, and the lack of a root can affect your jawbone’s integrity. Because of this, our office recommends the extraction as part of your implant restoration procedure so you can fix your bite and protect your jawbone with a natural-looking custom restoration.

When a Restoration Fails

If an oral structure is experiencing severe decay, there is a possibility that a restoration could fail. For example, if you were to receive a dental filling after cleaning for a cavity, but that cavity has progressed greatly, your filling could fail and your tooth could continue to deteriorate. In this case, extraction may need to be considered, as other restorative options will no longer suffice to preserve the damaged oral structure.

When There is a Threat to Other Teeth

Similar to the issue mentioned above, if the affected area contains an infection that is causing severe decay, that same oral bacteria could very well spread to other teeth and infect them as well. In the event this occurs, removing the structure in question could be necessary for the preservation of your smile and overall oral health.

Fortunately, you would not be left with a gap, as our office utilizes advanced technology to provide you same-day dental implants and restorations so the functionality of your smile is not left in question. For more information about the process, contact our office today.

How Extracting Could Benefit You

While it may seem counterintuitive, extracting a diseased or compromised tooth may just be the key to preserving the health and duration of your smile. Contact The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, Texas today at 817-560-0414 to learn more about your options.