When you determine the severity of your tooth loss, the most important metric is the number of teeth that you’ve lost. However, the severity of losing teeth includes more than the tooth structure that’s no longer present. It also includes the impact that the absence of the tooth and its root has on the rest of your oral health, and how significant that impact has had time to become. Today, we examine what severe tooth loss can mean for your oral health, and why dental implants may be essential in preserving your smile if you experience it.

The increasing severity of tooth loss

When you experience tooth loss and gauge its severity, it can be misleading to base that judgment solely on how many teeth you’ve lost. For instance, even a single lost tooth can cause a domino effect that significantly impacts the health and integrity of the rest of your oral structures. Given enough time, one lost tooth can lead to many lost teeth, and eventually, severe tooth loss. However, when you’ve lost more significant numbers of teeth, these impacts are more profound and can worsen much faster, making it more important to restore and rebuild your smile with an appropriate dental restoration.

Stopping the process with dental implants

The impacts that make tooth loss increasingly more severe for your oral health stem mostly from the loss of your healthy, natural teeth roots. In addition to supporting your natural teeth as you bite and chew, teeth roots are also an essential factor in the processes that help your jawbone structure maintain its overall health and integrity. For example, when you bite and chew your food, the pressure stimulates your teeth roots, and through them, your jawbone. The more teeth roots you lose, the more this stimulation diminishes, and the more teeth you’re likely to lose because of it. With dental implant posts, you can successfully reestablish this function, helping you restore and preserve your smile more effectively.

Considerations when replacing your lost teeth

Severe tooth loss typically refers to the loss of most or all of the teeth on your dental ridge, and as a result, it also means the loss of an equivalent number of teeth roots. The greater impact that this has on your smile’s foundation can make several things more difficult, including preserving your smile’s health and integrity long-term. Depending on the extent of these impacts, rebuilding your smile may require more than just replacing your lost teeth, but also rebuilding the foundation that surrounds them, such as with jawbone grafting.

Learn about dental implants and severe tooth loss

When you experience severe tooth loss, restoring your smile is essential to your long-term oral health, and dental implants may be the best way to achieve it. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.