There are multiple reasons why you may need restorative treatment to repair a tooth. For example, the tooth might be worn down or damaged in some way, or it may have developed decay in the main part of its structure. Of the many different restorative treatments available, tooth extraction is the least commonly recommended one. In most cases, the preferable treatment option is the one that helps you preserve a maximum amount of your healthy tooth structure. However, if this isn’t possible, then the rest of your smile and oral health may depend on extracting the tooth and replacing it with a dental implant.

It went too long without being treated

One reason why a tooth might become so compromised that it needs to be extracted is because it’s been compromised for too long without being treated. Most common, less serious concerns, such as cavities and early gingivitis, will continue progressing and getting worse until you seek treatment for them from your dentist. What starts as a minor concern can quickly become much more severe before you realize it, and by the time you, the tooth may be too damaged or unstable to support a restoration to save it.

Its previous restoration failed in some way

Conditions that affect the health and integrity of your teeth, or of the tissues that surround them, often result in symptoms that are hard to ignore as they progress. For example, you may develop a toothache that warns you of damage or decay in the tooth’s structure before it reaches a more extreme stage. However, if the tooth has been treated and its restoration has failed, then you may not realize that the tooth is once again threatened and at-risk of further damage. This could raise your risks of having to extract the tooth by the time you visit your dentist.

It no longer has enough support around its root

Direct threats to your tooth structure can involve things like a cavity developing because of tooth decay, or a fracture or break in the tooth’s structure growing increasingly worse. However, tooth damage isn’t the only reason why a tooth might need to be extracted. It might also be necessary if the tooth has become excessively loose due to a loss of gum tissues and jawbone structure surrounding its root. This is the common result of gum disease becoming more severe, and is the leading cause of tooth loss and extraction for adults.

Learn more about the need for tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is usually recommended only in extreme situations, which makes it even more important to remove the tooth as soon as possible if your dentist recommends it. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.