The best thing about dental implant restorations is their ability to more fully rebuild your smile after you’ve experienced tooth loss. By replacing your lost teeth roots with one or more dental implant posts, you can give your dental restoration the advantage of more lifelike support, which translates into many significant benefits for your restoration’s performance. However, not everyone realizes that, with traditional dental implant placement and restoration, they may not be able to begin enjoying those benefits until months after they’ve received their dental implants. Fortunately, we can help many patients shorten this time significantly by offering a high-quality temporary restoration on the same day as their dental implant placement.

The traditional implant restoration process

The reason behind the wait when it comes to traditional dental implant restoration involves the complicated nature of traditional dental implant treatment plans. This includes having to have the dental implant posts surgically placed in one office and the custom-designed restoration placed at another location. In the meantime, patients would wait until their dental ridges have fully healed around their dental implant posts before scheduling a visit to their dentist’s office to receive their permanent restorations. On average, this can take up to 3-6 months.

Centralizing the process in one office

The process of your jawbone structure bonding to your dental implant posts is known as osseointegration, and it’s a vital part of your dental implants’ success. Your permanent restoration must be placed after this process is complete, but a high-quality temporary restoration may be used to allow you to begin enjoying your new smile much sooner. The first step is to centralize the entire dental implant treatment process within a single location. For example, our dental office is outfitted to optimize every step of the process, with advanced dental technologies to plan and perform your dental implant placement procedure. We can also design and craft your custom-restoration in-house, eliminating the need for many patients to visit multiple locations throughout their treatment.

Temporarily restoring implants in one day

With an array of in-house dental technologies, performing dental implant placement and restoring the implant posts with a lifelike restoration are much more streamlined. This allows us to create a temporary restoration of higher quality than most other offices, and to place the restoration on your dental implant posts on the same day as your implant placement procedure. You can enjoy your new smile in just one day, and be used to your implants by the time you receive your permanent restoration.

Learn about same-day implant restoration

Advanced, in-house dental technology allows us to help many dental implant patients enjoy their new smiles in just one day. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.