pull the three children's milk tooth are clearly visibleAs we proceed with hectic schedules and meeting tasks and goals, it is only natural that teeth begin to experience wear and tear from daily activities. Factors such as diet, anxieties, physical activities, hygiene practices and more contribute to this phenomenon, which is why we aim to practice excellent oral health habits at home to preserve our teeth. But what happens when we experience tooth loss? Knowing what to do when this occurs as well as understanding the benefits of replacing lost teeth is imperative to maintaining a healthy appearance, and the team at The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX is ready to inform you why.

It Prevents Further Tooth Loss

When an oral structure is lost or extracted, a gap is left behind in its place. While a single tooth may seem like something an individual can live without, the fact of the matter is that a variety of problems or issues present themselves when a tooth is no longer present. Oral bacteria, for example, thrives in the hard-to-reach recesses of the mouth and works to eat away at teeth and surrounding tissues, causing diseases such as gum disease and gingivitis. When a gap exists between oral structures, bacteria lurk in that place and begin to target the surrounding structures. Once a tooth has been lost, the chances of losing more increase exponentially. By replacing it with a dental implant and restoration, your chances of further infection decrease.

It Restores Your Bite

Each tooth contains a root that is embedded in the jawbone, creating a secure bond that helps your teeth absorb the pressure of your bite. When an oral structure is no longer present, your bite readjusts to compensate for the pressure distribution, causing it to become uneven and even causing pain or difficulty when chewing. By receiving a dental implant and restoration, your bite will be restored to its normal function as the titanium post acts as an artificial root and bonds with the jaw.

It Completes Your Smile

At the Dental Implant Place, we recognize that confidence stems from a person’s happiness with their smile. When a blemish exists such as a stain, chip, crack, or even missing structure, it can really affect how a person feels. Implants and restorations offer a lifelike appearance that is shade-matched to your grin, completing your look with a full smile. For more information about how an implant can benefit you, contact our office today.

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