Despite the fact that many adults experience tooth loss to varying degrees, the truth is that our healthy adult teeth should be permanent. With the right care and maintenance, most people can successfully address the typical causes of tooth loss, which often involve the formation and progression of an underlying chronic oral health concern. When you do lose an adult tooth, or several of them, the consequences of the loss and how your oral health reacts can also be permanent. Today, we examine a few of these impacts, and why it’s important to fully rebuild your smile if tooth loss occurs.

The immediate concerns of tooth loss

Some of the problems that tooth loss causes, and the reasons why it’s important to replace them, are immediately obvious when you lose one or more teeth. These can include cosmetic concerns with your smile’s appearance, as well as functional issues concerning your bite’s symmetry, balance, and function. For example, with one or more teeth missing from your dental ridge, the teeth that remain will have to take up the slack in your bite. Your bite, itself, may not function as well as it used to due to the imbalance, which can force your jaws to compensate and cause your remaining teeth to grow sensitive.

The continuing impacts of lost teeth roots

The more immediately noticeable impacts of tooth loss often stem from the loss of the tooth’s visible structure, called the crown. The loss a tooth’s crown leaves an empty space, or gap, along your dental ridge that can negatively impact your bite in several ways. However, there are also consequences to losing a tooth’s root, which supports the tooth crown as it bites, chews, and more. When you lose the root of a tooth, the consequences can include a gradual weakening of the jawbone structure and, in turn, heightened risks of losing more of your adult teeth because of it.

The solution for fully rebuilding your smile

When you lose one or more adult teeth, the only way to mitigate the permanent effects of the loss is to replace as much of your lost tooth structure as possible. In addition to replacing the visible parts of your lost teeth, this also includes placing one or more biocompatible posts to replace the roots of your lost teeth. Dental implants allow your restoration to more fully address the consequences of tooth loss by providing root-like support for your replacement teeth as well as for your supportive jawbone structure.

Address your tooth loss as soon as possible

Healthy, natural adult teeth are meant to be permanent, and the loss of a single one of them can lead to several detrimental impacts to your smile. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.