Time has a significant impact on the state of your oral health and the specifics of your smile restoration plan when it comes to dealing with most dental concerns. This is especially true after losing one or more teeth, which can lead to some of the most destructive consequences for several parts of your oral health. The visible state of your smile is just one area in which tooth loss can have such a significant impact, yet it can also lead to the continued loss of strength, stability, and structural integrity throughout your smile’s foundation. In order to avoid this, most tooth loss patients can benefit from replacing their lost teeth with dental implants as soon as possible.

The negative impacts of tooth loss

When you lose a permanent tooth, it won’t grow back, and replacing it is the only way to restore that part of your bite’s function. It’s also the only way to address the potential impacts of the loss, such as changes to your remaining natural teeth and increased risks of developing further oral health problems. Having a full row of teeth on your upper and lower dental ridge is essential to maintaining your bite’s proper balance and function. When these are disrupted by empty spaces along your dental ridges, the negative impacts to your oral health can be significant.

The dangers of leaving it untreated

Aside from the appearance of your smile after losing one or more teeth, the consequences of the loss aren’t always obvious at first. For example, changes in your bite’s balance and pressure distribution might cause noticeable changes in how your bite feels over time, but the impact of the loss on the health and integrity of your remaining teeth may not be obvious. Also, the loss of your teeth roots can lead to consequences that take longer to become apparent, but can have much more substantial impacts on your oral health. This includes the loss of bone mass and density in your dental ridge that results from the absence of one or more natural teeth roots.

The benefit of dental implants in one day

Replacing lost teeth is the only way to restore your smile, and doing so as soon as possible is the best way to avoid some of the more potentially serious consequences of tooth loss. Your lost teeth aren’t the only parts of your smile that won’t heal or grow back; if you lose mass and density in your dental ridge, or if one or more remaining teeth become compromised, you may need to address these concerns as well as replace your lost teeth. By utilizing advanced in-house technology, we can help many patients benefit from replacing their lost teeth with dental implants and a temporary restoration all in just one day.

Learn more about replacing your lost teeth

The best way to restore and preserve your smile after tooth loss is to replace the teeth you’ve lost as soon as possible, preferably with a custom-designed dental implant restoration. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.