Month: December 2020

Strategic Implant Placement for Optimal Results

Despite the stigma, adult tooth loss should not be as traumatic of an experience as many make it out to be. In fact, advanced dental technology and innovative practices have been utilized to make the process much more straight-forward and convenient for recovery time, overall function, and more. With an experienced team that has access… Read more »

How Dental Technology Contributes to Your Implant

Adult tooth loss can be a troubling process for most, especially those who weren’t not expecting it to occur. What’s more, the concerns that arise once a structure is missing can be a major detriment to your oral health, causing problems such as functional difficulties, the potential for further loss, and even jaw bone deterioration…. Read more »

What To Expect After Implant Placement

The decision to have a dental implant can mean a lifelong and positive difference in your smile. An implant can help fill an awkward gap, and maintain the spacing of surrounding teeth. The implant post stimulates the jawbone, and helps keep the jawbone strong. And dental implants help insure that speaking, eating and chewing feel… Read more »

Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts FAQ

Dental implants can be a smile-saving procedure. Implant posts support a replacement tooth or an implant bridge or denture, for a securely restored smile. While most people qualify for dental implant placement in Fort Worth, TX, our trusted team will use your initial consultation to carefully assess your individual situation, including your overall health, medications… Read more »

How A Single Dental Implant Can Save Your Smile

When people are missing several teeth, or perhaps all of their teeth, it is easy to see the need to find prosthetic solutions for speaking and eating. But the loss of just one tooth should also be a cause for concern, and that is a good time for a conversation with a trusted implant dentist… Read more »

Learn More About Dental Implant Technology

The general idea of dental implants has been around for a long time, but the innovations behind today’s dental implants have come about much more recently. Today’s technology continues to improve and refine your Fort Worth, TX, implant dentist’s ability to safely, comfortably and conveniently place an implant or several implants, to provide an implant-restored… Read more »

Preparing Your Smile For Implants With Jawbone Grafting

Losing teeth impacts the function and beauty of your smile, and over time, could even lead to the breakdown of your facial structure, causing an older appearance. This occurs due to the loss of jawbone mass and density. Losing these tissues could even impact the placement of dental implants! To help prepare your smile for… Read more »

The Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

When we lose several teeth, the resulting loss of jawbone density and mass could actually mean placing dental implant is impossible without jawbone grafting and sinus lifts. However, your Fort Worth, TX, dentist could provide an option that prevents the need for this surgery. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the mini dental… Read more »

Crafting Lifelike Restorations For Your Implants

When we replace your missing teeth with dental implants, we provide a long-lasting and durable solution that helps preserve your facial structure too. But the restorations are what address the visible portions of your smile, and ensures they look and function like natural teeth. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, dentist will explain how… Read more »

The Benefits Of Same-Day Tooth Extraction

The goal of replacing missing teeth is to fill the gaps in your smile and restore balance and function to your smile, so you enjoy optimal oral health and a smile that inspires confidence. However, along the way the process may actually involve the removal of one or more teeth. In today’s blog, your Fort… Read more »