Dental implants can be a smile-saving procedure. Implant posts support a replacement tooth or an implant bridge or denture, for a securely restored smile. While most people qualify for dental implant placement in Fort Worth, TX, our trusted team will use your initial consultation to carefully assess your individual situation, including your overall health, medications you take, and the health and strength of the jawbone that will support the dental implants. If your situation calls for extra support, a jawbone implant or sinus lift may be the best solution.

FAQ #1: A Jawbone Graft? Isn’t That Pretty Serious?

Our dental team is experienced in jawbone grafting, and we take seriously our commitment to minimally-invasive techniques. Our first choice for a weakened jawbone will be mini dental implants, which require less bone mass for a secure placement. If a jawbone graft is needed, we perform it in our office, allowing us to fortify a severely weakened bone with the convenient scheduling and the best in care.

FAQ #2: What is a Sinus Lift? 

When the upper jaw lacks bone mass to support an implant, a sinus lift can be used to augment the bone. After taking careful measurements of your jaw and face, we can schedule an office procedure to gently add additional bone mass, using some of the  space of the sinus cavity as a place for this additional bone material.

FAQ #3: How Long Do These Procedures Take?

Both jawbone grafts and sinus lifts are completed in a single office visit. You will have to treat the areas gently over the next days and weeks, while the graft merges with the rest of the bone, and progresses to full healing. Once the site is healed, it will be time to place implants, and enjoy your restored smile.

Bring Your Jawbone Graft and Sinus Lift Questions to Us.

Most people haven’t needed to learn about jawbone grafts or sinus lifts, but these procedures allow us to help even more patients receive the dental implants they need to restore their oral health and their smiles. If you have bone graft or sinus lift questions, then schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.