When people are missing several teeth, or perhaps all of their teeth, it is easy to see the need to find prosthetic solutions for speaking and eating. But the loss of just one tooth should also be a cause for concern, and that is a good time for a conversation with a trusted implant dentist in Fort Worth, TX. When a tooth is lost, through accident or extraction, your mouth and jaw can go through undesirable changes over time. Placing a dental implant can protect the spacing between teeth, and foster other positive changes to save your smile.

A Dental Implant Fills A Gap

When healthy teeth are in place, they support one another, and help keep each tooth in proper position. Teeth may not seem that moveable, but in fact they can shift over time, and an empty space is an invitation for neighboring teeth to lean in or twist. Our in-house lab and technology allows us to carefully measure and plan the placement of a dental implant as soon as possible after a tooth is removed, so the surrounding teeth will remain in their proper positions.

A Dental Implant Stimulates the Jawbone

Since dental implants are placed into the jawbone itself, the tiny movements each time you bite and chew mimic the stimulation the jawbone receives from natural tooth roots. This constant activity signals the body to continue to provide nutrients to the affected jaw area, preventing bone deterioration. A weakened bone can in turn cause other teeth to be loosened, which may in turn lead to more tooth loss. An implant can help disrupt this cycle, and help keep remaining natural teeth solidly supported by the jaw.

A Dental Implant Preserves the Look of the Smile

Your oral health is of primary concern to our caring dental team, but it is natural to be concerned about the look of your smile as well. One missing tooth can seem like a attention grabbing spotlight of awkwardness when it is in the visible portion of your smile. A dental implant has a carefully crafted crown, that is custom milled to match your natural teeth. Most people smile many times throughout the day, and a dental implant can give you confidence every time.

Missing Even One Tooth Is One Tooth Too Many

When you don’t replace a missing tooth, the effects on your oral health and your smile can be profound. To learn more about how a single dental implant can make a tremendous difference in saving your smile, schedule a free consultation┬áby calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414.