Doctor treats tooth on a blue background.Adult tooth loss can be a troubling process for most, especially those who weren’t not expecting it to occur. What’s more, the concerns that arise once a structure is missing can be a major detriment to your oral health, causing problems such as functional difficulties, the potential for further loss, and even jaw bone deterioration. When you replace the missing tooth with an implant and restoration, however, much of these concerns are mitigated and you can enjoy your smile once again. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon looks at the process of crafting your custom dental implant and restoration with the use of in-house dental technology, streamlining your recovery.

In-House Technology

The process of crafting your custom restoration usually requires many steps and scheduling multiple visits with different specialists to complete. With digital scanning and 3-d rendering, designing the crowns, placing the titanium posts and so on requiring a different specialist to perform, the process from start to finish for receiving your artificial teeth could be quite grueling. By having in-house laboratory available to cover all of the steps along the way, our team can make the process much simpler and expedited so that you are able to enjoy your lifelike implants quicker. Our laboratory is outfitted with advanced technology to ensure that your restorations are created with a high level of precision and accuracy, ensuring a comfortable and convenient process for you.

A Customized Approach

Not only does in-house technology make the process more efficient, but your end results will be more lifelike as well. Since all steps can be covered in the same office, you will have the benefit of working with the same team from start to finish, meaning that your dental implant restorations will more closely mimic your natural, healthy teeth. You will also get to have a say along the way by being able to personally collaborate, further ensuring your optimal aesthetic and functional results.

Streamlining the Process

At many oral surgeon’s offices, the procedure for setting up a patient with implants can take months on-end to complete, and even more for them to fully heal. With the use of advance technology, our team can provide highly precise 3-D renders in order to take care to plan your procedure and determine the optimal placement for your titanium posts. Because of this, your restorations can be place with less extensive measures than traditional practices, decreasing your heal time significantly so that you can enjoy your new smile sooner.

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