Month: January 2021

Rebuilding Your Jaw Structure To Support Implants

It is true that once you lose a tooth to decay or infection and do not tend to the matter in a timely manner you will soon find yourself facing even more loss, as your chances for losing more will increase dramatically. Indeed, acting with efficiency is a key factor to implant success, and the… Read more »

Higher-Quality Restorations With In-House Technology

The process of extracting a tooth or receiving a replacement can be particularly troubling for some individuals, especially if the process involves attending multiple visits and seeing a number of specialists just to create a single restoration. What’s more, multiple specialists will not only cause a lengthening in your timeline as you must accommodate for… Read more »

When Extraction Is The Only Option

For many, adult tooth loss is a concept that is often regarded without much thought, as brushing and flossing at home is enough to suffice and result in a lifelong smile, right? Not necessarily. In fact, a number of adults experience loss due to a variety of concerns, including decay and infection. What’s more, making… Read more »

Why You Need To Replace That Missing Tooth

Everyone has a morning routine, and while it may vary, the same few actions are pursued – wake up, use the bathroom, brush teeth, and get ready for the day. With so much going on throughout the day, your oral health can oftentimes be placed on auto pilot as you mindlessly follow the same thing… Read more »

Crafting Restorations In-House

For many people, extensive reconstructive processes such as dental implants can be exhausting as you must work with a number of specialists to receive your biocompatible post and restoration. While some places offer same-day extractions, most cannot advertise the same for an implant procedure. Because you need a specialist for every step, it simply elongates… Read more »

Enjoying Your Smile Sooner With Same-Day Implants

For a number of individuals, the need for a tooth extraction becomes noticeably known after a significant number of procedures and preventive measures in attempt to save it. For others, however, this need might not be as readily known. This can cause a number of concerns, such as accurately creating a plan for moving forward… Read more »

When Dentures are Retained With Implants

It goes without saying that a number of factors contribute to your overall oral health, including diet, hygiene and care, and even age. In an ideal world, proper preventive care should be enough to maintain a lifelong smile, but this theory fails to take into account a number of other facets. In fact, people do… Read more »

When Implants Lack Support

Tooth loss and extraction can be a difficult topic for many individuals, especially for adults whose adult teeth are permanent. While it goes without saying that losing oral structures is nobody’s first choice, the threats that can arise after a tooth is gone and not replaced can become an even bigger problem. In today’s blog,… Read more »

Extracting a Tooth Same-Day

While you may be doing everything right to take care of your teeth and prevent the need for extraction or other extensive treatment, the truth of the matter is, concerns such as disease, infection, and more can occur and progress before you even know they are a problem. When this happens, it is crucial to… Read more »

Three Ways Implants Complete Your Smile

The only thing worse than experiencing tooth loss as an adult is not having a missing structure replaced. In fact, a number of concerns arise when you do not replace that missing tooth, and while jawbone degradation or other factors may complicate your circumstances, there is still more that can be done to help. In… Read more »