Healthy tooth icon abstract treatment concept on a beautiful blue backgroundFor a number of individuals, the need for a tooth extraction becomes noticeably known after a significant number of procedures and preventive measures in attempt to save it. For others, however, this need might not be as readily known. This can cause a number of concerns, such as accurately creating a plan for moving forward or attempting to best restore your grin. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will look at situations such as these by discussing the benefits of being able to extract a tooth and provide an implant restoration same-day so you can leave with a complete grin.

When a Tooth Must Come Out

It goes without saying that all adult teeth are considered permanent. This means that, unlike children’s teeth, the set you have is your set for life, and once they are gone, they cannot grow back. Because of this, your dentist will encourage proper maintenance and care to your grin as well as do everything in their power to preserve your natural tooth as much as possible. In some cases, however, severe infection, disease, or decay can complicate this process. For instance, if a tooth is significantly decayed, there is a high chance that a restoration such as a filling or even a root canal will fail. What’s more, the structure can be so compromised that your surrounding healthy teeth become a target and may face the threat of becoming infected as well. In order to best address this, removal may be the only viable option.

In most cases, extraction or other procedures take a great deal of planning, such as with removing wisdom teeth and other procedures. Fortunately, Dr. Brown can mitigate this wait time by removing that diseased tooth same-day! For more information, contact our team today.

Virtually Zero Wait

While removing a compromised tooth is a top priority, you are not quite out of the woods yet. In fact, a number of other concerns can arise from having a gap in your smile, including difficulties biting or chewing, problems enunciating, and even strain and aching due to your bite attempting to reestablish evenness. To prevent this, our team can provide a dental implant and restoration same-day so you can leave our office with a complete smile. We will carefully determine the optimal spot to place your biocompatible post, then finish it off with a highly lifelike custom crown.

Added Comfort with Advanced Tech

Our same-day procedures are made possible by utilizing advanced technology. Our in-house lab affords us quality and expedience when it comes to your restoration, as we can oversee the entire process without the need for other providers or locations to slow down the process.

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