Dentist with young woman assistant working with computer in the dental officeThe process of extracting a tooth or receiving a replacement can be particularly troubling for some individuals, especially if the process involves attending multiple visits and seeing a number of specialists just to create a single restoration. What’s more, multiple specialists will not only cause a lengthening in your timeline as you must accommodate for everyone’s time and availability, but it will end up costing you significantly in the end. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will discuss the ways that those excessive steps can be limited and time committed can be mitigated with the use of a specialist that can accomplish every step of the restoration process in a single location.

A Lifelike Result

Today’s day and age is welcomed with technological advancement and the ability to produce solutions at a more precise, more detail-oriented rate. Indeed, receiving a dental implant and restoration is a feat that many from long ago would not think possible. While this statement is true, there is still a significant amount that can be done to make the process itself much smoother and more reliable. The fact of the matter is that many locations simply lack the equipment, space, and technology to accomplish a lifelike restoration from start to finish, often requiring the assistance of more than one specialist. The problem with this, however, is that the process from the first step to the last becomes elongated as you become subject to the availability, cost, and more of multiple specialists.

An All-in-One Approach

As a method to combat this problem and make your restorative process much more streamlined, our office has taken up an approach that affords us the ability to hand-craft your implant and tend to it every step of the way, limiting the number of people needed to complete the procedure. With our all-in-one lab and office, we tend to your treatment every step of the way, from your initial CT scans, to 3D renders, to guided implant surgery, and finally, to your completed restoration.

Mitigating Excessive Wait Time

Nothing is more frustrating for an individual going through the dental implant procedure than having to be help up at multiple different stages due to availability of too many specialists. It is difficult enough having to go through the process itself, but when a number of individuals get in the way, it can be downright grueling. With everything available in-house, your wait time can be significantly decreased, allowing you to enjoy your restorations in a faster, more efficient manner.

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An all-in-one office limits your wait time, expense, and discomfort as you can enjoy your new implant in a quick and efficient manner with lifelike results. Contact The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX by calling 817-560-0414 today.