Rebuilding Your Jaw Structure To Support Implants

Bone grafting- augmentation using ring method, tooth implantation. Medically accurate 3D illustrationIt is true that once you lose a tooth to decay or infection and do not tend to the matter in a timely manner you will soon find yourself facing even more loss, as your chances for losing more will increase dramatically. Indeed, acting with efficiency is a key factor to implant success, and the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to address, no matter how advanced the technology. This is because over time, your jaw bone will begin to deteriorate without a tooth. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will look at the options you can pursue if time has taken a toll on your mandible, and how our team can help.

When Your Jaw Lacks Support

Your teeth serve many purposes, not just to help you eat. In fact, many functions your oral structures assist with include biting, chewing, enunciating, providing structural support that strengthens your jaw, protection from oral bacteria, and more. Arguably one of the most important functions includes the manner in which the teeth are bonded to the jaw. You see, each tooth is comprised of two main parts – the crown and the rot. The root is deeply embedded in the lower mandible and cranium where it serves as an anchor, allowing your crowns to properly absorb the stress of your bite. When one or even many structures are gone, the bone no longer has a root to help reinforce its strength, and gradually over time it will begin to deteriorate. If you wait too long to address the concern, there will not be enough healthy structure left to properly support dental implant restorations and you will be faced with the need to address this concern before you can even seek implants.

Rebuilding Your Jaw

Because it is the foundation of your smile, great care must be dedicated to maintaining a healthy smile. This means seeking treatment to rebuild the structure in the event it needs additional support. Fortunately, our team can help with a minimally invasive procedure known as bone grafting or sinus lift. This process involves strengthening your lower mandible with the combination of biocompatible material and natural growth. In the case of addressing degradation in the upper portion of the mouth, a procedure known as a sinus lift involves carefully raising the sinus floor in order to make room for the grafting material and your new implant. For more information on this process, contact our team today.

Alternatives to Grafting

In the case of less-severe bone degradation, our office may be able to avoid extensive treatment with the use of mini dental implants. These restorations consist of smaller posts that are able to withstand your bite pressure but utilize slightly less bone space to do so.

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