Technical shots of model on a dental prothetic laboratory.Dentist hand with plaster model and ceramic denturesThe only thing worse than experiencing tooth loss as an adult is not having a missing structure replaced. In fact, a number of concerns arise when you do not replace that missing tooth, and while jawbone degradation or other factors may complicate your circumstances, there is still more that can be done to help. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will look at three ways that dental implants can complete your smile, as well as how they can improve overall function.

An Artificial Structure

Tooth loss can be caused by a number of factors, but among the most common are due to decay and infection. In many cases, decay can be addressed if caught early on with simple procedures. When it has progressed past a certain extent, restorations could fail and nothing can be done to preserve the structure itself. In these circumstances, your dentist will recommend extraction in order to protect surrounding teeth. While this solves the issue in the interim, bigger concerns may arise if the tooth is not replaced, including further infection and a major impact on function.

To rebuild your smile, your oral surgeon could complete your grin with a dental implant restoration. This process involves placing a biocompatible implant post securely in the jaw bone to act as an artificial tooth root, then placing a crown restoration atop the structure to function as your natural crown would. Not only can this complete your appearance, but restore bite function as well. Contact our team for a free consultation and learn more about the process.

Bridging the Gap

When one missing tooth is not replaced in a timely manner, your other surrounding teeth become increasingly more at risk of infection and loss. When this occurs, what is left is a large gap that can drastically impact your mouth’s function. To best combat this, your oral surgeon may determine you to be a candidate for an implant-retained dental bridge. Named for the way it bridges the gap between your healthy teeth, a bridge is comprised of one or more adjacent crown restorations secured at either end with a dental implant post.

Total Replacement

One of the major benefits of implant posts is their versatility. They can be utilized to address a single missing tooth or even an entire set of missing teeth. In fact, a partial or even full denture can be retained with titanium posts and done so in a manner that limits the amount of extensive treatment that solutions of the past operated on, allowing for a speedier recovery and a sooner opportunity for you to enjoy a natural-looking, complete smile once more.

Free Consultation

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