Dentistry. Models of removable dentures. Prosthetics of the dental cavity. Dentures on the jaw. The manufacture of dental prostheses. Prosthetist. Dental technician.It goes without saying that a number of factors contribute to your overall oral health, including diet, hygiene and care, and even age. In an ideal world, proper preventive care should be enough to maintain a lifelong smile, but this theory fails to take into account a number of other facets. In fact, people do experience tooth loss and more over the course of the years, and if you do not take necessary steps in a timely manner, it can result in the inability to support replacements. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will look at the ways that dental implants can restore your smile, even when all teeth are missing.

The Concern with Missing Teeth

Tooth loss and the need for extraction often occur due to severe cases of decay or infection that have made their way inside a structure and rendered it beyond saving. Extraction may also be warranted if the compromised structure posts a threat or danger to surrounding teeth. When left untreated, it can result in potentially catastrophic events such as total oral structural loss. Not only does this impact your smile cosmetically, but actually causes a number of concerns functionally and structurally as well. In fact, missing teeth can result in an uneven bite, strain, difficulties biting and chewing, and even jaw bone deterioration and degradation from the lack of roots. When this occurs, your dentist may recommend the use of dentures.

Posts Versus Adhesives

Whether partial or full, dentures are a restoration that consist of highly lifelike artificial crowns accompanied by a protective tissue forming the gums. Traditional dentures were often secured with a dental adhesive that was meant to secure the restorations to your remaining gums. While it accomplished what it set out to do, adhesive-retained dentures were far from optimal. As an alternative to this process, your dentist can create custom partial or full dentures that can be implant-retained, providing a more secure connection.

Advanced Practices

While a single missing tooth can be secured with one implant post, it would be counterintuitive to secure each individual structure this way when all teeth are missing. Instead, our team utilizes a method known as All-On-4, in which your custom restoration can be completely and securely retained with the strategic placement of just four implant posts. This not only minimizes the amount of extensive work that needs to be done, but also reduces recovery time drastically. For more information on this process, feel free to reach out to our team for a free consultation. 

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