When Implants Lack Support

Implantation with mini implants in to recessed jaw bone: Medically accurate 3D illustrationTooth loss and extraction can be a difficult topic for many individuals, especially for adults whose adult teeth are permanent. While it goes without saying that losing oral structures is nobody’s first choice, the threats that can arise after a tooth is gone and not replaced can become an even bigger problem. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will look at the process for replacing gaps in your grin and the pitfalls of not acting with efficiency to do so.

Potential for Restoration Failure

All teeth in your smile are secured effectively to your jaw bone, and the root of a tooth is embedded within the structure. The gums provide a protective layer covering the bone and roots, serving a major role when it comes to the strength of your grin. When one or more teeth become severely infected or affected by decay to the point of no return, or to the point of threatening surrounding teeth with infection, your dentist will recommend having the structures extracted.  While you may believe that your problems end there, you unfortunately mistaken. In fact, the infection and harmful bacteria that caused it may still be present, threatening the health of surrounding teeth. If you wait too long to have a tooth replaced, a number of concerns can arise that cause the replacement to fail. Some of these include infected gums, making it difficult to house a new structure, and even jawbone degradation. For more information about the potential threats and dangers that can arise following an extraction, contact our team today.

Jaw Structure Degradation

Every tooth is comprised of two main sections – the root and the crown. The crown is used for biting and chewing, while the root works hand-in-hand with the crown to absorb the pressure and strength of your bite. It does this by maintaining a secure connection to the jaw bone. When you have teeth removed, however, the section of bone that is affected will no longer be able to serve its purpose. If you wait a long period of time before receiving your dental implant restoration, your bone could actually deteriorate, leaving behind not enough support to house your implant posts. What’s more, you will have to undergo extensive treatment in order to build up your jaw to once again successfully house roots.

An Incomplete Smile

In addition to the structural and functional losses you experience from not pursuing implants in a timely manner, you will cosmetically be affected as well. Having blemishes of any kind is typically something nobody wants, but having major gaps are extremely noticeable. Many associate their levels of confidence with their grin, and having one riddled with gaps is enough to make any person feel nervous about smiling around others.

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