When Your Jaw Cannot Support Implants

Close up photo amazing he him his middle age macho hand arm hold cheekbone, teeth terrible pain injury sadness cry facial expression weakness wear casual white t-shirt isolated grey backgroundFor many, the process of going through tooth loss and removal can be a traumatic experience. After all, nobody wants to lose an oral structure and tarnish their grin with a noticeable gap. What’s more, concerns arise from a diseased or infected structure, but bigger concerns arise when the extracted tooth has not been replaced. For these reasons, people tend to seek assistance from a dental implant to restore their smile. But what happens when your jaw cannot support your restorations? In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will look at the options you may have to best restore your bite and complete your grin.

Replacing a Lost Structure

When you experience severe infection or decay, it may progress past the point of saving with a restoration or other procedure. In this case, your provider may recommend an extraction. While this will solve issues such as spreading infection and putting other teeth in harm’s way, different concerns such as functionality and bite will arise. To combat this, your dentist will recommend a dental implant to act as an artificial tooth in order to restore bite function effectively. In some cases, however, a dental implant may not be properly supported due to jaw bone deterioration, causing a hurdle to arise in completing your smile. When this occurs, your next step may be to seek treatment to prepare your jaw for implants.

Bone Grafting

When your jaw experiences wear down and deterioration, it can no longer serve the purpose it is intended to. As a solution, your dentist may recommend grafting. Jawbone grafting is the process of strengthening your lower mandible with a biocompatible material to encourage natural bone growth. This process allows the ability to essentially rebuild the lower mandible so it may sustain posts properly. Our office typically utilizes less extensive treatment to restore your smile, but in severe cases, however, we may utilize this procedure to ensure optimal results when rebuilding your grin.

Mini Implants

Another option that you may have includes the use of mini dental implants, which consists of posts that are meant to utilize a minimal amount of jaw structure for support. While they may be thinner than traditional posts, they are able to withstand the necessary amount of bite pressure needed to function. This process provides an alternative to bone grafting, and can also help promote faster, more successful bone growth and regeneration. For more information, contact our team today.

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