Dental prosthesis, artificial tooth, prosthetic, hands working on the denture, false teeth.With the advent of advanced dental technology, now more than ever your implants can be placed in the most optimal fashion. This means that not only will you experience the best level of comfort available, but your grin can be complete once more. While this is the case, many fear the restorative process, as there is a concern for the realism associated with its appearance. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon addresses this concern and describe the in-depth process associated with crafting lifelike restorations to accompany your new implant post.

Highly-Precise Measurements

Utilizing advanced technology, our team is able to create hyper-realistic 3D renders of your smile, taking care to record each and every measurement to provide the most optimal implant restoration we can. We utilize a digital scanning technology known as computed tomography (CT) to create a precise, 3D model of your teeth as well as their roots and surrounding oral structures. It combines multiple digital X-rays from varying angles in order to create a highly accurate image of your smile so as to best address your needs most accurately. This means that not only can we utilize these measurements to create a perfectly-sized restoration, but one that will fit comfortably within your grin.

The Benefits of In-House Equipment

Before we create the restoration, however, we first design it digitally using computer-aided design and manufacturing provided in our in-house laboratory. This process allows us to create your restoration in a single day according to the measurements of your teeth, their dental ridges, and other oral structures. From here, we use guided implant surgery to place your artificial tooth in the ideal position. The digital guide that is generated during your implant planning phase is designed to place each post in the most optimal position so as to absorb your bite’s pressure effectively, allowing for advanced precision when it comes to placement. To learn more about this process, contact our team today.

Shade-Match Technology

Another benefit of an in-house lab to create your custom restoration is the ability to shade-match the crown to the rest of your smile. When the other measurements for your grin are taken during the planning phase of your procedure, we take care to ensure that the crown that is created not only fits and feels comfortable, but precisely matches each of your other teeth so as to provide a near seamless appearance. No longer will you have to fret about your restorative procedure, as it can all be handled in a single day with a highly accurate result. For more information, reach out for a free consultation.

Visit Your Fort Worth, TX Oral Surgeon

At The Dental Implant Place, we believe that your new implant should not just be fully-functional and optimized for placement, but lifelike as well. Contact our Fort Worth, TX office at 817-560-0414 to schedule your free consultation today.