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Everyone has a morning routine, and while it may vary, the same few actions are pursued – wake up, use the bathroom, brush teeth, and get ready for the day. With so much going on throughout the day, your oral health can oftentimes be placed on auto pilot as you mindlessly follow the same thing you’ve done for years. After all, there is just so much to do! But what many forget to pay mind to is that oral care is more than just brushing, and actually requires a healthy combination of preventive care at home, professional care in-office, and consciousness of the types of foods and beverages consumed. If all of these aspects are not taken into account, you will probably endure concerns that require restorative measures to keep your smile healthy. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will address what happens when you fall short on your health care and why you need to replace lost teeth.

Structural Damage

Your tooth is comprised of a root and crown that work together to help you accomplish functional tasks efficiently. How this occurs is that the root is securely embedded in the jaw bone beneath the gums and acts as an anchor so as to provide the crown enough strength and support to withstand your mouth’s standard bite pressure. When a section of the jaw is vacant of a root, it essentially is no longer able to fulfill its intended function, thus becoming subject to deterioration over time. When this goes on for a while, the portion of healthy structure remaining will become so diminished it is unable to support implant restorations, requiring extensive treatment such as bone grafting to mend. For more information on this process, contact our team today.

Sub-Optimal Function

Just as your teeth must be properly secured to withstand the pressure of your bite, missing structures can cause unevenness. In other words, your bite will attempt to readjust to accommodate for the missing teeth, causing strain, difficulties biting and chewing, problems enunciating, and even pain and stress. To combat this, your dentist will recommend seeking an implant restoration procedure. During this process, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will strategically place a biocompatible titanium post strategically in the jaw to act as an artificial root, then finish it off with a custom-designed and highly lifelike crown restoration. Once again, you will be able to have an even bite and properly absorb the pressure as needed.

Increased Chance for Losing More Teeth

Another concern that arises from not replacing a lost tooth is the increased chance of losing more. Oftentimes, the primary cause of structural loss is due to infection or decay. When a compromised tooth is removed, it does not necessarily mean the infection is gone. By not replacing the infected structure, your chances of losing others will dramatically increase.

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