How Tooth Roots Provide Structural Integrity

The health of the teeth starts insideIn last week’s blog, we discussed how there are certain instances or times in which a tooth must be extracted, including causes and future complications an infected structure may cause. Bear in mind, however, that your natural teeth serve a number of functions, and once one is gone, it can lead to an entirely new slew of problems. In today’s blog, our dental implant office will take a look at the importance of replacing lost structures due to their ability to not only perform a number of functions but provide structural integrity as well.

Supporting the Pressure of Your Bite

Your teeth do much more than just help you chew. In fact, they help perform a number of purposes and tasks much more efficiently. From biting and chewing to enunciating and even supporting healthy development, your oral structures are one of the strongest bones in the body, and arguably one of the most versatile.

Each structure is comprised of a crown, which is the visible top that shows when you smile, and a root. The root is actually housed beneath the surface of your gums within the jaw bone, and the connection between the bone and the root creates a secure bond that allows your crowns to properly absorb the pressure of your bite. Without such a connection, your teeth would easily fall out and essentially fail to perform as intended. For more information about this function, contact our team today.

A Secure Connection to the Jaw

In addition to supporting functions such as biting and chewing, your roots play a major role in reinforcing your jaw’s integrity. To elaborate, the lower mandible rests upon two joints known as temporomandibular joints, or TMJ’s. In addition to aiding in opening and closing the mouth, your jaw serves a major function in that the secure connection between it and the roots allows the structure to continue supporting your crowns through consistent work. When a root is missing and is not replaced, for instance, the section of the jaw will no longer be able to serve its intended function, and thus cause deterioration over time. In other words, if you lose one or even multiple teeth and do not replace them in a timely manner, you run the risk of losing significant amounts of bone, and your chances of receiving successful restorations diminish.

The Dangers of Missing Teeth

Bear in mind that structural loss not only causes jaw degradation, but many complications including difficulty biting and chewing, problems enunciating, increased chances of developing infection and experiencing more loss, and many more. That being said, if you need a tooth extracted or removed, it is important you seek a restorative procedure in order to avoid these concerns.

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