How Our Implants Yield Lifelike Results

high quality Dental crowns in the collection and natural colorsAge tends to have an effect on a number of things – your hair, your energy, and your teeth, for example. Indeed, time combined with a number of other factors can negatively impact the quality of your smile, causing it to lose its shine in the best cases, or lose a structure in the worst. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will take a look the cosmetic benefits of highly-customized dental implants and how our team can provide you lifelike results all from the comfort of our office.

Shade-Match Technology

While many will not admit it, one of the biggest concerns that come to mind initially when learning their tooth replacement options consists of the finish of the end result. To elaborate, a gap in a smile is certainly perceived as a blemish that tarnishes the appearance of an entire smile. While artificial implants may improve function, having a restoration that is slightly off in color or appearance can be almost as bad.

Fortunately, our office recognizes this concern and has made the conscious effort to produce nothing but quality, highly-lifelike dental restorations in order to remedy the concern. We utilize a form of shade-match technology that allows us to closely mimic the exact hue of your grin and ensure that your replacement structure nearly blends right into your smile. If you have experienced structural loss and have not sought treatment for the above reason, reach out to our team today for a free consultation to learn your options.

In-Office Equipment

In typical implant scenarios, a dentist will typically outsource unique steps of the process to specialists in order to ensure quality results. The downside of this practice, however, is that the time and cost accrued from involving multiple offices can become great very quickly, often costing you more in the long run. To avoid this, our office utilizes an all-in-one office that contains advanced dental technology and in-house equipment to carefully and optimally carry out every step of the process. In other words, our location affords the ability to see our implant restoration creation through from start to finish, saving you cost and time while also being able to ensure a quality finish. For more information, contact our team.

A Streamlined Process

When it comes to situations involving tooth loss, the sooner you act the sooner you are able to enjoy a complete smile and avoid the negative effects that generate in response to the time it takes to seek help. With informed specialists on hand as well as a fully-functional office and lab, there is no reason you should have to wait for a quality smile enhancement.

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