3d illustration of gums with dental bridge, supported by two implants

It goes without saying that once you experience a lost tooth due to infection or decay, your possibilities for experiencing more lost teeth down the line increase substantially. What’s more, not replacing a single structure that has been extracted can lead to bigger concerns such as jaw degradation, increased chances of infection, functional difficulties, and more. Keep in mind, however, that it is not too late to seek help. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will discuss the ways a custom implant-retained dental bridge can address multiple missing adjacent structures while also restoring overall function.

Addressing Multiple Adjacent Teeth

While it can reveal itself in many different ways, the primary cause of dental loss is usually attributed to harmful oral bacteria that have targeted the tissues or structures within your smile. This can occur from bacteria nestling beneath the gum line and targeting the roots of your teeth, occupying nooks and crannies present on back molars, and even building up behind teeth through the creation of plaque and tartar. Regardless of the method, however, you are exactly where you do not want to end up: with a structure beyond saving and the impending threat of more to come. So, what can you do from here?

The harsh reality is that the more teeth you have lost, the more likely you are to continue losing them in the future. To combat this, our tea can suggest a dental bridge procedure in which multiple adjacent restorations that have been secured to one another are placed to occupy the extensive gap in your grin.

Implant-Retained Versus Traditional Methods

Traditional practices utilize a dental adhesive to secure your restorations to your gums. While it has proven effective, it is far from the most efficient means of restoring your smile, as issues with function begin to arise. Alternatively, there has been a movement toward more efficient, optimal solutions such as utilizing dental implants. With this method, your oral surgeon will strategically place biocompatible implant posts in the jaw in which your bridge restoration can simply click into. This not only addresses the previous concerns of traditional methods, but provides a restored grin that can properly absorb the pressure of your bite. For more information, contact our team today.

A Lifelike Appearance

No longer do you have to worry about noticeable or bulky metal restorations. In fact, our custom crowns are created with a highly lifelike material that mimics the exact shape, texture, and even shade of your smile. To learn more about our implant process and if you qualify for a dental bridge, contact our office to hear your options.

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