Implantation with mini implants in to recessed jaw bone: Medically accurate 3D illustrationWhether you are consciously aware of it or not, your tooth roots serve more purposes than just anchoring your teeth to your jaw. In fact, they help your crowns properly absorb the pressure of your bite, as well as encourage proper structural integrity within your mandible bones, allowing for a healthy smile. Indeed, these purposes work in conjunction to provide a strong grin that can withstand traditional everyday use without the fear of pain or breakage. But what happens when you lose a tooth, and how can you seek restorations if there is not enough healthy structure left to support them? In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will explain how advanced technology and strategic placement can be utilized to restore your teeth, even with minimal structure to work with.

Jaw Degradation

It is only natural that with age, our smiles begin to endure some wear and tear over the years. From our diet to our level and frequency of preventive care and everything in-between, a number of factors play a role on our oral health. For some, a combination of decay, infection, and more could very well lead to the need to extract a tooth. Keep in mind, however, that compromised teeth need to be replaced, otherwise bigger concerns can arise such as future loss and more.

As a result of missing teeth, your jaw will no longer be able to serve its process and gradually reduce in function. What’s more, gradual deterioration will result in even less structure to work with, resulting in a higher possibility of receiving restorations that may fail due to the lack of bone to properly secure it. Fortunately, that is where our team’s unique approach and experience can help.

How We Can Help

For a number of individuals, the thought of oral trauma and extensive procedures can cause a sort of anxiety to develop about restoring their grin as they begin to worry about procedure, pain, and cost associated. Unfortunately, this notion is enough for many to put off seeking treatment until it is deemed absolutely necessary, in which they are met with other complications such as bone degradation. When this occurs, oftentimes more extensive treatment is needed to address the concern, such as bone grafting to accommodate the new implants. Fortunately, our team has the in-house office and ability to address this concern with mini dental implants.

Enjoying Your Restored Smile

Mini implants are designed in such a manner that allows them to utilize minimal amounts of jaw bone as well as strategic placement to ensure success. What’s more, they are every bit as capable of properly absorbing the pressure of your bite, making them an excellent option for those who may seek smile restoration but do not want to endure grafting to accomplish it.

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