dentist consultation - patient visit at dental clinics officeFor a number of individuals, the thought of going to the dentist and requiring treatment to remedy concerns can be troubling for many reasons. For example, fear or anxiety can arise from the thought of painful treatment, the cost to perform said treatment, and even from the possibility of having to wait for long periods of time for procedures to be completed. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon is going to take a look at these common concerns and explain how all can be handled efficiently and with minimal invasiveness through the help of an all-in-one office.

Less Wait Time

When you require prosthetic or restorative dentistry, a common practice is to refer out to multiple specialists to ensure a higher-quality result. This means that a specialist may design a restoration, another may create the biocompatible post, and third may be utilized to perform the surgery itself. While it can often yield quality results, problems can arise from such as setup, including increased wait time as specialists must wait to hear back from one another and accommodate schedules. What’s more, the same level of quality may not be simple to guarantee across all steps, leaving greater room for error.

Dr. Brown recognized this concern, and sought out to bring all important steps under one roof in order to ensure more consistent, quality results with drastically decreased wait times. Indeed, our all-in-one office contains everything needed to provide a custom restoration in a simple and efficient manner. For more information about our in-house lab and specialists, reach out to us today.

Same-Day Treatment

Having everything we need to craft a custom implant and restoration in-house makes your treatment much quicker and streamlined, even providing dental extractions and implant placement in a single visit! Indeed, from the moment you walk in our doors, we are able to utilized advanced technology to properly assess your concerns, create 3D renders of your bite, design custom implants and crowns that match the shade and texture of your natural teeth, and even utilize guided implant surgery to ensure optimal placement, all in a single visit. Now you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a full and complete smile at a much faster rate.

A Quicker, More Efficient Recovery

Due to our minimally-invasive approach that utilizes technology to ensure optimal placement, your heal time can be cut down drastically. Traditionally, your dentist would extract the necessary teeth and place biocompatible posts, allowing up to six months for the posts to set and heal before even placing your custom crowns. With our advanced practices, you can experience significantly less time without oral structures, and more time with them.

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