Understanding Your Procedure

Image of doctor or dentist presenting with tooth x-ray film recommend patient in the treatment of dental and dentistry, working at workplace.A number of individuals out there experience some form of dental anxiety or fear of their procedure every year. Indeed, the thought of extensive treatments such as root canals, periodontal cleanings, and more can be frightening, even causing many people to avoid their standard appointments altogether. What’s more, prosthetic treatments involving extraction and replacement can seem like a nightmare, especially after hearing about traditional implant processes. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will address these concerns by detailing our philosophy and radical approach to provide a minimally-invasive treatment.

Authenticity and Transparency

From the moment you walk in our doors to the moment you leave after treatment, we want you to feel as comfortable and informed as possible. We invite all of our patients to become involved in their own procedures so as to alleviate stress, provide peace of mind, and experience our true, authentic selves. We typically begin with a guided walkthrough of your CT scan with Dr. Brown, in which we ask for your input, feedback, and goals you are aiming to accomplish from your procedure, including specific restoration shape, shade, and more. From here, we invite patients to observe the process of CAD/CAM digital design in order to have an informed knowledge base about your procedure before it takes place. Our main goal is to provide honest, clear, and consistent communication so that you feel confident in your treatment. For more information, contact our team today.

Advanced Technique

Traditional practices for placing dental implant posts have been known to cause unnecessary trauma, pain, and extended recovery time in order to restore your grin. At The Dental Implant Place, we want to correct this practice as much as possible and have done so by committing our practice to changing this cliché. Our team utilizes an approach that is radically different from the flap technique, opting instead to use a more minimally-invasive one in which Dr. Brown makes a small pinhole in the gums and then gently rotates the implant into place. For more information about our technique and how it yields more optimal results, contact our team today.

Enjoying the Benefits of Your New Smile

The fear of oral surgery is a very real phenomenon, and nothing is worse than patients having this fear validated by a traumatic process. Our aim is to provide you custom, quality dental posts and restorations that you are satisfied with and place them in the most minimally invasive manner. Our technique affords you the ability to enjoy your brand new, lifelike grin much sooner as recovery time reduces drastically as well.

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