Benefits Of Advanced Implant Placement

row human tooth and Dental implant. 3d illustrationIn our previous blog, our team took an in-depth look at the process we use to determine optimal implant placement, and how it can provide a more secure restoration. Indeed, advanced technology afford us the capability of providing quality treatment through quality processes, and our procedures themselves drive your treatment home. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will take a look at the use of our radical approach and how it can benefit your placement and recovery process.

The Need for Implants

Dental decay is one of the more common oral concerns today, affecting millions of people every year. It has multiple stages of progression, with each stage requiring more in-depth treatment to address. If permitted to progress, dental decay and infection can compromise and consume an entire tooth or even multiple teeth, resulting in the loss of those structures. When this occurs, your oral function takes a serious hit and performing routine tasks such as eating and speaking can become increasingly more difficult.

To combat these concerns, your dentist may recommend the placement of a dental implant restoration to not only restore your oral function capabilities, but to complete your grin as well. What’s more, replacing a lost tooth can also prevent bacterial spreading and reduce your chances of losing even more structures.

A Radical Approach

Dental anxiety or fear of a procedure is a very real occurrence and can often inhibit people from seeking the treatment they need. What’s more, it is devastating to witness an individual overcome this fear just to have their concerns confirmed with a traumatic traditional implant procedure. You see, most dentists use a method known as flaps, where an incision is created in the gums so that it may be peeled back for the placement of a post.

Our team recognizes the flap procedure as an unnecessary source of trauma, resulting in a longer recovery time and arguably longer periods of pain. As an alternative, our team utilizes a minimally-invasive, radical approach in which Dr. Brown creates a tiny pinhole in the gums and then gently rotates the implant into place. And voila! You will not have to worry about the unnecessary or painful surgical trauma that other methods generate. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Enjoying Your Smile Sooner

With our minimally-invasive approach, you can enjoy your new smile sooner without the painful and unnecessary traumatic experience often associated with it. What’s more, we utilize guided imagery in order to determine optimal placement, thus reducing recovery time and increasing your chances of a successful treatment.

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