How Mini Dental Implants Help Patients Qualify For Treatment

There are certain physical issues that a person can experience after losing teeth. If you are not able to maintain a natural, comfortable bite because of tooth loss, you can experience worsening discomfort due to jaw pain and stiffness. An unaddressed gap can cause neighboring teeth to loosen over time, which can lead to more teeth being lost. Another issue concerns your jawbone. The roots of our teeth stimulate the surrounding bone, which sends a signal for your body to move nutrients to the area. Over time, the loss of that stimulation will lead to a loss in density. Without the right approach to implant dentistry, it can be difficult to restore a person’s incomplete smile when deterioration is a concern. Our Fort Worth, TX dental implant office can talk with you about mini dental implants for your treatment. Those who have less bone mass can qualify for treatment with these implants, allowing them to proceed with care. We can also discuss jawbone grafting or a sinus lift to help you proceed with care.

Changes In Your Jaw Health Can Affect Your Ability To Proceed With A Smile Restoration

After losing teeth, you can experience several difficulties. In addition to losing bite support, you can start to lose density in your jaw due to a lack of stimulation from teeth roots. As this issue worsens, you can experience unwelcome changes in your appearance as well as issues with your oral health. For people who have left tooth loss untreated for an extended period of time, this change can affect your ability to plan treatment with implants. However, our experience restoring patients’ smiles can lead to a solution that gives you your desired improvements!

Using Mini Dental Implants To Restore A Patient’s Smile

Mini dental implants can help those patients who have difficulty gaining approval for treatment with conventional dental implants. Their use can prevent the need for a bone grafting treatment, which means you can start the process of regaining your full smile sooner. Like traditional implants, mini dental implants are able to support restorations so that you can bite and chew with more comfort. Their presence also helps stabilize neighboring teeth.

We Can Also Discuss Bone Grafting Or A Sinus Lift

When it is necessary to do so, our practice can recommend a bone grafting procedure or sinus lift to help a patient move forward with their smile restoration! These procedures restore portions of bone that have lost density over time, making them more capable of supporting restorations. For those who need this support, a procedure can be an important early step in regaining a complete smile.

Make Plans To Restore Your Full Smile At The Dental Implant Place!

Through the right treatment approach, we can help you regain your full smile even if you have had difficulty receiving approval for care because of jawbone deterioration. To find out more, please contact The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX at 817-560-0414.