Implant Dentistry And Your Dentures

Dentistry. Models of removable dentures. Prosthetics of the dental cavity. Dentures on the jaw. The manufacture of dental prostheses. Prosthetist. Dental technician.Whether you are enduring the loss of a single structure or multiple, the process itself can be quite troubling. In fact, the rate at which this loss occurs hinges strongly on if you have sought treatment or not. Indeed, time is of the essence in situations such as this, as surrounding teeth aren’t far behind once one has been compromised. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will take a look at circumstances in which total tooth loss has occurred, and how implant-retained dentures can help.

Traditional Methods v. Biocompatible Posts

In the past, the primary method for addressing total structural loss consisted of a highly-lifelike prosthetic denture. This option was designed to be placed directly over your present gum line and secured with a dental adhesive paste that you could acquire at any local drugstore. The problem arose, however, that the paste had potential to fail and result in dentures falling out when one eats or speaks.

As an alternative, implant-retained dentures utilize advanced implant dentistry to adequately secure your prosthesis. The process involves using guided placement to appropriately place the biocompatible posts in the most optimal positions and design the restoration to click right into place when securing them. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

What Implants Bring to the Table

While the traditional method more or less performed as it should, there is one factor that it did not account for in the process. You see, your natural teeth are comprised of both a root and a crown, and both sections serve important roles. The root acts as an anchor between the jaw and the crown, providing a secure connection that allows the crown to properly absorb the pressure of your standard bite when functioning. When structures are missing, this function is largely interrupted. Fortunately, that is where implants can help.

Biocompatible posts act as artificial tooth roots, affording your restorations to absorb the pressure of your bite and function as needed to perform regular tasks such as biting and chewing food. What’s more, the lifelike restorations are strategically designed to closely mimic your natural teeth, providing a near seamless finish. For more information about your options, reach out to our office.

Enjoying a Restored Smile

While traditional dentures offer a way of restoring your appearance, those retained by biocompatible posts also factor in your functionality. This means that you not only can enjoy a full and complete smile once again, but restored ability to chew and eat as normal!

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