Lifelike Restorations With Guided Treatment

Close-up of female doctor pointing at teeth x-ray image at dental office.Advances in technology have made a number of things possible in this day-and-age, including addressing varying levels of tooth loss and providing lifelike replacements. Indeed, a number of procedures are possible today due to consistent innovation and knowledgeable people, and implant dentistry benefits from this process. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon discusses the way in which our team utilizes quality technology and innovative procedures to create and place custom implant restorations with a lifelike finish.

Advanced Dental Technology

Tooth loss is a process that most would opt out of if they could, but unfortunately still occurs due to a number of reasons. Fortunately, advanced dental technology makes it simpler to address, and does so in a quality manner. When you come into our office for your consultation, we will begin by working with you to create a treatment plan, including identifying optimal placement and angle of your new biocompatible posts.

Following this, we utilize digital technology to create a surgical guide to aid in placing these posts. This process allows for enhanced precision when placing your posts, and provides a greater chance for your implants to last for life. For more information about this process or to schedule your initial consultation, give our office a call today.

Utilizing an In-House Lab

When it comes to dental implants, most processes involve the use of two or more specialists. After all, the biocompatible post, the abutment, and the restoration itself are three very distinct sections and must be crafted with care. What’s more, placing the posts themselves is typically performed by a skilled oral surgeon. This means that the process can become very time-consuming and expensive as you are waiting for specialists to communicate with each other. Fortunately, this is where our team differs.

Our team is comprised of highly-skilled individuals involved in the many stages of crafting the ideal implant. What’s more, we utilize an in-house lab in order to streamline your entire process. In other words, every step of the procedure can be performed in-office, establishing consistency and quality. For more information about our in-house lab and how it operates, reach out to our team.

Custom Treatment Meets Your Needs

By having the same team present for every step of your procedure, you can ensure that your new restoration will more closely resemble your healthy, natural teeth. Our team will collaborate personally and maintain transparency every step of the way, and the quality care will provide a an optimally-functioning and aesthetic appeal.

Learn More Today

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