Rebuilding Your Structure To Support Your Treatment

Bone grafting- augmentation using block of bone, tooth implantation. Medically accurate 3D illustration

The thought of an extensive dental procedure can be frightening for most, but keep in mind that waiting on your procedure will only cause the situation to get worse. Indeed, it is nobody’s first choice to lose a tooth or require a replacement to restore proper function, but sometimes that is the only viable option when it comes to your oral health. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will take a look at what happens to your jaw over time when one or more structures are missing, and how our team can help rebuild it in order to support your new implant restorations.

Tooth Roots Stabilize Teeth

Believe it or not, your teeth serve more functions than just completing your smile. In fact, every tooth is comprised of the crown and the root, and both sections are necessary for a number of tasks, including biting, chewing, eating, and even enunciating. The root is embedded in the jaw with a secure connection that allows your root to properly absorb the pressure of your bite, essentially meaning that the roots stabilize your teeth and allow you perform such activities.

The Complications of Diminished Structure

When you lose one or more teeth due to infection or decay, keep in mind that the lack of roots present in the jaw bone not only cause functional complications, but structural ones as well. When you are missing teeth, for instance, your bite must readjust to accommodate the missing structures, often resulting in difficulty biting, chewing, and enunciating. What’s more, you may endure strain and tension as the problem attempts to correct itself, making ordinary tasks more difficult to accomplish.

In addition to the functional difficulties, you may endure structural problems as well. Depending on how long you go without replacing a missing tooth, your jaw structure can begin to deteriorate, making any plans of receiving dental implants in the future that much more complicated. Fortunately, all hope is not lost and you may be able to receive the restorations you need with the help of bone grafting.

Procedures That Can Help

Bone grafting or sinus lift procedures include the process of strengthening your mandible in order to rebuild its structure. This allows the ability to support future restorations so that you may once again enjoy the benefit of a full and complete smile. We utilize a biocompatible material coupled with natural bone growth to restore the structure itself, and once that has been accomplished, we proceed with placing your implant restorations.

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