When Your Tooth Must Come Out

Tooth extraction concept with an array of stainless steel dental tools and a mask with the extracted tooth clasped in the pincers and reflected in the mirrorDental implants and biocompatible posts make it possible to regain oral function after experiencing tooth loss. This includes restored ability to bite and chew so that you may eat meals, enunciate, and more. While it is almost always preferable to keep and maintain your natural teeth, sometimes a tooth can become so compromised that it plagues your mouth with complications. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon addresses circumstances in which this occurs and when it makes more sense to remove a tooth.

Threats to Other Structures

As you are aware, bacteria are the root of most dental concerns, including decay. In fact, dental decay is among the most common, affecting millions of adults every year in varying degrees. Without proper treatment, the process will only continue to worsen. In its earliest stages, decay can be difficult to identify without the proper equipment and experience you can get from a standard checkup.

The infection will begin as simply as a cavity, and continue to spread until it has taken over a structure. What’s more, the infection can spread outwards as well, affecting the surrounding teeth and tissues and causing even more problems. When it comes down to removing a tooth that cannot be save and letting the infection wreak havoc on surrounding healthy teeth, the best option is the former. For more information about the way in which decay spreads, contact our team today.

It’s Been Completely Compromised

If surrounding teeth are at risk of severe infection due to a decaying tooth, chances are the structure has been compromised. When this occurs, it essentially means that no form of restorative dentistry – whether filling, crown, or root canal – has been proven effective in containing the decay. If everything has been done that can be done, the next best bet is to have the structure removed or extracted. While it may not be anyone’s first choice, it may just be necessary to preserve your oral health and the safety of other teeth.

Benefits of Extraction

Our goal is to provide quality care and ensure your smile is in tip-top condition. That being said, sometimes it takes having a tooth removed to accomplish this. In the grand scheme of things, a single structure in respect to an entire smile is a small price to pay to ensure proper function and health. What’s more, implant dentistry makes it possible to replace this tooth with a highly-lifelike restoration, so you will not have to worry about a noticeable gap or artificial blemish.

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