Why You Need An Implant

Missing tooth space in mouth close-up. Doctor dentist look into open mouth

While losing teeth as an adult can be a troubling process for many, advances in dental technology make it possible to receive implants and restorative treatments at a higher-quality rate. What’s more, loss can affect your grin in more ways than one, and seeking replacement is often the best option moving forward. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will take a look at the reasoning behind replacing lost structures and why it is important to seek implant dentistry when needed.

It Disrupts Your Smile’s Function

When it comes to your smile’s function, the first thing that often comes to mind is your ability to eat. While this is certainly a significant function, it aids to know exactly how your oral structures work together to accomplish this feat. You see, your teeth are all comprised of two primary parts: the root which is contained below the gum line, and the crown, which is the noticeable part you use to chew. The root is part of a secure connection with the jaw bone, allowing your crowns to properly absorb the pressure of your bite without falter.

This not only allows the ability to eat through processes of biting and chewing, but a full set of teeth aid in speaking and enunciation as well. When a structure is gone, for example, it can become increasingly more difficult to enunciate certain letters. When multiple structures are missing, your bite must readjust to accommodate the gaps, causing strain, difficulty biting and chewing, and more. To remedy this, a dental implant restoration can be used to complete your grin and restore active function.

Structural Complications

In addition to the many functional concerns that may arise from a lost tooth, you can experience structural problems as well. For instance, we mentioned that the root is a part of a secure connection with the jaw. When one or even several roots are not present, the jaw essentially will not continue to be strengthened and exercised, leaving way for possible deterioration or degradation. If significant time passes between losing teeth and having them replaced, there is a likely chance that your level of jaw degradation can become so worn that there is not enough healthy structure left to support implants. In cases such as these, you may need to seek alternative treatment such as bone grafting or a sinus lift in order to repair the lost structure and prepare it to support your implants.

Increased Chances of Future Tooth Loss

Another important consideration to take into account is the possibility for future tooth loss. In fact, once you lose one structure to decay or disease, your chances of losing even more adjacent ones increase drastically. In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is best to seek treatment sooner rather than later.

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