Month: April 2021

Does Jaw Degradation Impact Your Treatment?

Bone grafting- augmentation using block of bone, tooth implantation. Medically accurate 3D illustration

If we were to look at dental treatment from the 1900’s and treatment from today, one major difference would be immediately recognized: technology has streamlined the world of dentistry. Indeed, new-age procedures have increased the quality, simplicity, and success of treatments intended to preserve your natural teeth. What’s more, it has paved the way for… Read more »

Extracting Compromised Teeth In One Visit

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The last thing your dentist wants is for you to lose a healthy tooth to decay, infection, or something else. After all, we want to ensure your oral health is taken care of and your smile is at its tip-top best. Unfortunately, however, life may have other plans, and dangerous factors can threaten your health… Read more »

Increasing Your Implant’s Success

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For a number of people, increased exposure to oral health threats and other concerns will eventually lead them down a path of needing extraction and replacement so as to benefit their function and strength. Indeed, in an ideal world, implants would be unnecessary and we could go on living our lives with our natural teeth…. Read more »

What Happens During Your Planning Stage

Dental laboratory. Production of dental crowns. Milling dental system with program control. Grinding and milling machine of dentures. Laboratory milling cutter for dental work. Dentistry.

Procedures and prosthetic dental solutions such as implant-retained dentures or bridges are largely streamlined today through the adoption of radical practices and advanced dental technology. In the past, treatment used to be long and drawn out due to the need for multiple specialists in crafting your custom implant. Today, however, and in-house lab, minimally-invasive approach,… Read more »

Functional Benefits Of All-On-4

Maxillary and Mandibular prosthesis with gum All on 4 system supported by implants. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth and dentures

It goes without saying that having a full set of teeth is everyone’s goal, and keeping that smile for life is an added benefit. In addition to the cosmetic appeal, a full grin supports proper oral function, protects your structures, and is overall beneficial for your oral health. In some cases, however, dangerous decay and… Read more »

When Implants Are Minimally Invasive

Two dentures. Instruments and dental hygienist checkup concept with teeth model dentures and mouth mirror. Regular dentist checkups

Advances in dental technology and procedures make a number of treatments much more straight-forward and successful. Indeed, tooth loss is not a new phenomenon and has been impacting several individuals over the course of human existence. While implant restorations are not a new idea either, advances in their placement and other radical approaches make the… Read more »

When Your Bridge Can Be Implant-Secured

Having an in-house lab and all-in-one office makes the process of receiving your dental implant treatment that much smoother, as there is less time spent attempting to communicate between multiple offices. What’s more, you can ensure that the same excellent quality is maintained throughout the process, as having all the resources to create your custom… Read more »

Completing Your Treatment In One Day

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There is nothing worse than a complication arising from another complication with oral health. For instance, when structural support is lacking while you are tending to your need for a dental implant, the former situation must first be addressed before the latter. The same can be said for the process of extracting or replacing a… Read more »

When Structural Support Is Lacking

miniature people to repair a tooth or worker cleaning tooth model as medical and healthcare. Idea for cleaning dental care or dentist.

In an ideal world, everyone would be able to keep their natural teeth for life and not have to worry about the myriad of threats and complications that influence their health as they do today. Unfortunately, this notion is far from reality. While tooth loss is not ideal, there are certain circumstances that may warrant… Read more »

The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

Healthy teeth and an implant -- 3d rendering

While nobody prefers to lose a tooth in their adulthood, sometimes it is a necessary process in order to keep your oral health in tip-top condition. While many individuals may think their problems stop there, others run into even bigger concerns and complications. In fact, structural as well as functional issues begin to arise, making… Read more »