Does Jaw Degradation Impact Your Treatment?

If we were to look at dental treatment from the 1900’s and treatment from today, one major difference would be immediately recognized: technology has streamlined the world of dentistry. Indeed, new-age procedures have increased the quality, simplicity, and success of treatments intended to preserve your natural teeth. What’s more, it has paved the way for… Continue reading Does Jaw Degradation Impact Your Treatment?

When Implants Are Minimally Invasive

Advances in dental technology and procedures make a number of treatments much more straight-forward and successful. Indeed, tooth loss is not a new phenomenon and has been impacting several individuals over the course of human existence. While implant restorations are not a new idea either, advances in their placement and other radical approaches make the… Continue reading When Implants Are Minimally Invasive

When Your Bridge Can Be Implant-Secured

Having an in-house lab and all-in-one office makes the process of receiving your dental implant treatment that much smoother, as there is less time spent attempting to communicate between multiple offices. What’s more, you can ensure that the same excellent quality is maintained throughout the process, as having all the resources to create your custom… Continue reading When Your Bridge Can Be Implant-Secured

Understanding Your Implant Treatment

We often hear stories of individuals experiencing fear or anxiety when facing their restorative dental procedure, and sometimes it becomes so encompassing that it causes individuals to table their emergent oral health needs. What is worse are stories of individuals who overcome this fear just to have their worries affirmed with unnecessarily invasive treatment. In… Continue reading Understanding Your Implant Treatment