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Completing Your Treatment In One Day

beautiful girl resting and drinking coffee on the terraceThere is nothing worse than a complication arising from another complication with oral health. For instance, when structural support is lacking while you are tending to your need for a dental implant, the former situation must first be addressed before the latter. The same can be said for the process of extracting or replacing a lost tooth, as each step typically involves attending a new visit with a different specialist. This inevitably draws out the process and makes it much more grueling than it needs to be. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon addresses this concern by explaining the benefits behind our in-house equipment, including how your procedure can be completed in a single day!

In-House Technology Streamlines Treatment

In many situations, the biggest contributing factor to a long and drawn-out implant process is the use of multiple specialists. Indeed, your dental implant is often not constructed in an all-in-one lab, and many tasks must be outsourced to other professionals to complete. Because of the increase in actors and differing hours, the total time it might take to accomplish the process could be months.

Dr. Brown saw this complication as a major hurdle when it comes to patient satisfaction, and thus decided that an all-in-one office was the best practice to restore your quality treatment. What this means is that all of the contributing factors that are involved in the creation of your custom implant are housed under one roof. In other words, we utilize an in-house lab and a team of specialists to create your biocompatible post, abutment, and crown restoration all in the same location.

Extraction as Needed

Many implant procedures are not as straight-forward as simply placing a post, and in fact may involve the need to extract a compromised tooth first. Fortunately, our team is prepared for surprises such as these, and can perform your removal in a single visit if needed. For more information about this process or to schedule your initial consultation, contact our office today.

Same-Day Replacement

In traditional implant placement methods, your dentist would place your post and allow it to heal and bond to the jaw bone, taking about four to six months to heal. Because Dr. Brown utilizes a less extensive or traumatic method to place your post, we can place your implant, abutment, and custom crown all in one day. Now you won’t have to sport titanium implant posts without the lifelike crowns, affording you the ability to enjoy your grin much sooner.

Schedule your Consultation

For more information about our same-day processes or to schedule your initial consultation with our team, contact The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX by calling 817-560-0414 today to learn what your next best steps are.