How An In-House Lab Streamlines Your Procedure

orthodontic prosthesis. laboratory. close-upFor a variety of individuals, the idea of receiving a dental implant can be nerve-wracking for a number of reasons. The thought of extensive work could be painful, it could take a lot of time, and even more, it could end up costing a lot financially. Indeed, these are common concerns that many dental offices run into as individuals are recommended restorative treatments, often resulting in a situation becoming much worse before it gets better. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon discusses the way these concerns are alleviated through the help of an all-in-one office that streamlines your procedure.

Reducing Your Wait Time

In practice, the more specific a procedure becomes, the more likely it is to be outsourced to a specialist. For processes such as dental implants, this is also the case. The problem arises, however, when you must rely on a number of different specialists for the construction of your restoration. For instance, the titanium post itself may be constructed by one team, while the crown restoration is created by another specialist. Even still, neither of these two teams may even be involved in placing your implants. This ultimately results in a longer wait time as specialists must communicate with each other and operate with specific restrictions, such as location and hours of operation.

Dr. Brown recognizes just how grueling this process can be for someone who is already hesitant about the procedure to begin with, which is why he offers expediency without sacrificing quality through an in-house lab. In fact, your treatment can be completed from start to finish all within our office. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

Quality Through Consistency

Another benefit of an in-house lab and equipment is the ability to create a custom implant restoration that contains consistent quality throughout. Our team works together every step of the way when it comes to your treatment, and we make sure that quality is never lacking in any area. What’s more, you do not have to visit a number of different offices or facilities to have it placed, affording you much more convenience than traditional methods would provide.

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Unlike traditional implant procedures, you do not have to break the bank when receiving quality care. Because most methods utilize a number of different specialists and operate on their specific time, it is very easy to quickly accrue a number of bills for the variety of treatments.

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