Two dentures. Instruments and dental hygienist checkup concept with teeth model dentures and mouth mirror. Regular dentist checkups

When Implants Are Minimally Invasive

Two dentures. Instruments and dental hygienist checkup concept with teeth model dentures and mouth mirror. Regular dentist checkupsAdvances in dental technology and procedures make a number of treatments much more straight-forward and successful. Indeed, tooth loss is not a new phenomenon and has been impacting several individuals over the course of human existence. While implant restorations are not a new idea either, advances in their placement and other radical approaches make the process much smoother and more comfortable. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon discusses how our advanced approach eliminates any unnecessary trauma and makes receiving your implants a smoother process.

A Radical Approach

One of the biggest concerns that many patients have with receiving restorations is that it is a frightening and grueling process. Indeed, traditional methods of implant placement involved a process known as flaps.

During this procedure, an oral surgeon would access the jaw bone by making an incision along the gums and peeling them back. While this certainly works for placement, the process itself creates much more unnecessary trauma than it needs to, which also contributes to a longer recovery time.

To avoid this excess trauma, we use a different approach that utilizes advanced technology to not only make the process less invasive in nature, but increase your chances of successful placement. Indeed, our minimally invasive approach involves making a small pinhole in the gums, then gently rotating the biocompatible post into place. And that’s it! To learn more about our procedure and how we can make your treatment smoother, reach out to our team today.

High-Precision with Guided Treatment

In order to achieve a successful and minimally-invasive procedure, our team utilizes advanced dental technology for guided treatment. Guided implant treatment allows for enhanced precision, as a digitally mapped out guide helps us choose an optimal placement point. What’s more, this process allows our team to strategically place your implant post in the optimal area for bite pressure absorption.

To further ensure optimal results, our in-house lab contains necessary equipment to help map out placement, create custom crown restorations, and more. We utilize computed tomography scanning to generate a precise 3D model as well as CAD/CAM restorations to detail your restoration to satisfaction before creating it. Contact our team today to learn more about our in-house lab and office.

Various Degrees of Tooth Loss

The beauty behind dental implants is their versatility. This means that they are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution, and can actually be custom tailored to meet your exact needs. Whether you are in need of a single restoration, an implant-retained bridge, or even full set of dentures, our team can help.

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