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When Structural Support Is Lacking

miniature people to repair a tooth or worker cleaning tooth model as medical and healthcare. Idea for cleaning dental care or dentist.In an ideal world, everyone would be able to keep their natural teeth for life and not have to worry about the myriad of threats and complications that influence their health as they do today. Unfortunately, this notion is far from reality. While tooth loss is not ideal, there are certain circumstances that may warrant extraction. Still, your function will suffer without a replacement, which is why dental implants play such a vital role. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon will talk about situations in which not enough jaw structure is present to support a normal post, and how mini-implants can offer a sturdy solution.

The Importance of Jaw Structure

There might not have been much thought given to oral function, but believe it or not, all structures contained in the oral cavity work together to accomplish a number of roles. For instance, the crown of a tooth serves a major purpose in helping you bite and chew, while the root acts as an anchor embedded in the jaw bone, allowing your crown to withstand the pressure of your bite without falter. What’s more, your gums house your teeth securely, your tongue helps you taste, and so on and so forth. In other words, the act of eating or even speaking is a process that involves a number of these components.

When it comes to losing or replacing a tooth, your jaw bone serves a major function that makes these tasks possible. Without enough bone to support a root or implant, the restoration could fail and cause significant damage. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

Options for Improvement

Bone degradation is a natural process that occurs over time. When a root is present, the connection created between the two is strong and secure. If a root is lacking in presence, the bone no longer has an anchor that keeps it strong, causing it to diminish and weaken with time.

When it comes to your implant replacement, the presence of an adequate amount of healthy structure is necessary to ensure its success. For some, a bone grafting or sinus lift may be needed to proceed with placement. For others, however, there may be another option.

Alternative Options

For those who do not want to endure the additional process of bone grafting, mini dental implants may be an ample solution. They consist of thinner implant posts that are specifically designed to utilize a minimal amount of bone structure, but still are able to provide ample support for your bite.

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