When Your Bridge Can Be Implant-Secured

dentist implantologist showing dental bridge implant technology on human tooth jaw modelHaving an in-house lab and all-in-one office makes the process of receiving your dental implant treatment that much smoother, as there is less time spent attempting to communicate between multiple offices. What’s more, you can ensure that the same excellent quality is maintained throughout the process, as having all the resources to create your custom restoration establishes consistency. That being said, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon uses today’s blog to discuss how other restorations such as dental bridges can also be implant-retained, and how doing so improves your overall oral function.

Improving Oral Function

Losing a tooth means much more than receiving a gap in your grin. In fact, having as little as one tooth extracted or lost can have a significant impact on your jaw structure as well as your oral function. You see, each tooth is comprised of a root and a crown. The crown helps to perform tasks such as biting and chewing, while the root is anchored into the jaw bone to help your crown absorb the pressure of your bite without falter.

In other words, each section works together to accomplish ordinary tasks such as eating and speaking. It also means that if even one tooth is out of the picture, the entire system suffers. Because bite pressure is evenly distributed across structures, a gap in-between them causes your bite to readjust in order to accommodate it. This can lead to tension as well as difficulty in function. The experience is exacerbated if more than one tooth is gone, which is why it is important to seek treatment to help.

Highly-Lifelike Results

A dental bridge restoration is similar to an implant restoration, with the difference being that the bridge is comprised of two or more crowns bonded together. Because decay often affects teeth in groups, having a means of replacing these structures in a practical way is necessary. On either end of the restoration, a dental implant and abutment can be connected so that you can enjoy the benefits of a secured implant without the trouble of having to place multiple posts for each structure. What’s more, our team utilizes a highly lifelike dental material to craft your crowns, meaning that they can be made to closely mimic the shape, texture, and even hue of your natural teeth.

Completing Your Grin

When it comes to your smile, the most important factor will always be your health. While this is true, that does not mean that your appearance has to suffer to ensure your grin is taken care of. Indeed, a number of people place significant value in their smile, as it often signifies confidence and happiness. Our team wants you to love the smile you are in while also reaping the benefits of restored function and structure.

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