Month: May 2021

Implants Offer More Than Cosmetic Benefits

Losing a natural tooth can lead to significant complications to your physical appearance, structural integrity, and even your oral function. What’s more, your chances of losing more adjacent structures increases drastically in cases involving dental decay or other infection. Indeed, tooth loss is a much more complex process than you might have initially thought, and… Read more »

The Many Hats Of A Dental Implant

Closeup of dental technician putting ceramic to dental implants in his laboratory.

It goes without saying that, if given an option, nobody wants to part ways with their natural teeth. After all, they are permanent, and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Unfortunately, a handful of individuals do not get to make that decision and are instead faced with health complications that arise from… Read more »

That Compromised Tooth Needs To Go!

A wisdom tooth with roots tied with a thread on a black background.

Oftentimes we do not consider the effects of compromised health until they impact us directly. The same can be said for dental implants, as most individuals do not expect to lose one or more of their teeth within their lifetime. While advances in dental technology make preserving healthy smiles much more straightforward, oral threats may… Read more »

High-Quality Same-Day Implants

Mature woman visiting dentist in clinic

All too often we hear horror stories of individuals who overcame their fear or anxiety for their prosthetic treatment, only to have their concerns affirmed by a traumatic process and procedure. What’s more, unintended consequences such as long wait times, multiple bills, and more can make receiving a necessary implant much more of a chore… Read more »

Receiving Minimally-Invasive Treatment

Having an in-house laboratory and a well-trained staff can make prosthodontic treatment much simpler and streamlined. After all, you will not have to endure significant wait time for specialists to communicate with each other, you receive the benefits of one itemized bill, and you can enjoy your new smile in as little as one visit…. Read more »

Multiple Benefits From Implant Dentures

Modern dental equipment for dentures and monitor

It is no surprise that advances in dental technology and procedures have made the process of prosthodontics much more streamlined. In fact, these forward movements have worked wonders for functionality, as many individuals are able to receive lifelike implants that virtually restore the ability to perform everyday tasks. Indeed, even those who have had to… Read more »

Functional Convenience With Mini-Implants

Implantation with mini implants in to recessed jaw bone: Medically accurate 3D illustration

Advances in dental technology nowadays makes receiving treatment such as dental implant restorations much more convenient and straight-forward. What’s more, radical approaches to placement and procedure help mitigate heal time as well as the amount of trauma one must endure. In other words, you can experience a significantly more convenient treatment at a lesser cost… Read more »

Looking To Bridge A Gap?

Dentistry. Models of human teeth. Preparation for prosthetics. Manufacture of dental prostheses. Installation of implants. Layout of the jaw. The work of a dental technician.

Nothing is more cumbersome than having to wait an excessive amount of time for your new implant restorations. The process itself is already made difficult for a number of individuals who receive unnecessary trauma from outdated practices, and having to. Be strung along through extending waiting periods can certainly be enough to send someone over… Read more »

Don’t Wait On Your Treatment

Anatomy of healthy teeth and tooth dental implant in human dentura. 3d illustration

In our previous blog, we discussed how implant restorations are secured to your smile, as well as why an individual may need to seek prosthetic dental options. Indeed, losing a tooth is often the last thing an individual wants to endure, especially since teeth are considered permanent and will not simply grow back. That being… Read more »

Securing Your Implant Restoration

woman with complete smile

When you start to look into how dental implants can help you regain your complete smile, it can be hard not to feel real excitement over how treatment can help you. Our Fort Worth, TX office provides implant placement and restoration services that help patients regain confidence in their ability to bite and chew, as well as… Read more »