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High-Quality Same-Day Implants

Mature woman visiting dentist in clinicAll too often we hear horror stories of individuals who overcame their fear or anxiety for their prosthetic treatment, only to have their concerns affirmed by a traumatic process and procedure. What’s more, unintended consequences such as long wait times, multiple bills, and more can make receiving a necessary implant much more of a chore than it is intended to be. Fortunately, having an in-house lab and trained specialists in a central location can streamline your treatment. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon explains how we can create and place your custom post in as little as a single visit.

Streamlining Your Treatment

Traditional methods of implant dentistry often involve the participation of a number of actors. For instance, a specialist is required for the design of your crown restoration. Another one is needed to create the biocompatible post and abutment, and a third is needed to surgically place your artificial tooth.

With so many cooks, the time spent waiting for your treatment becomes longer as you wait for each individual to communicate with each other. What’s more, you have additional obstacles in the form of different office hours and distance from one another, as well as separate bills. All of these factors in conjunction would certainly lead to a grueling process, so it is no wonder this has become the norm. Instead of playing into the complex pattern, however, our office contains everything you need through each step from the comfort of one area. Reach out to our office to learn more about our all-in-one features.

Convenience of Technology

With the help of an in-house lab, a well-trained staff, and a thorough understanding of your needs, our office is capable of ensuring you enjoy your custom implant same-day. Indeed, we will begin by creating a treatment plan with you to ensure you are well-informed of your treatment. We will then take a series of x-rays and compile them to create a 3D render of your teeth, which is used to digitally map out your implant post-placement. Finally, we will utilize our minimally-invasive approach to secure your implant and place your custom crown. For more information about this process, contact our team today.

Understanding Your Needs

Understanding your treatment is a vital step in ensuring excellent quality care. Indeed, we take the time to walk through your procedure step-by-step with you so that you are comfortable with it and ready for your prosthetic. What’s more, our team listens to your needs and requests to create the ideal solution for you.

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