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Securing Your Implant Restoration

woman with complete smileWhen you start to look into how dental implants can help you regain your complete smile, it can be hard not to feel real excitement over how treatment can help you. Our Fort Worth, TX office provides implant placement and restoration services that help patients regain confidence in their ability to bite and chew, as well as in the way they look. Because we can provide every step of your placement and restoration, we can work with you throughout the process of addressing your tooth loss. Once you receive your custom restoration, you can look forward to a positive change in your appearance, and you will be able to trust that restoration to support your ability to regain a confident, secure bite!

What Dental Implants Do For Patients Affected By Tooth Loss

A dental implant creates a permanent form of support for a dental restoration. The implant itself is secured to your jawbone through a placement procedure that we can plan and provide at our practice. Before you receive your restoration, you will take time to heal. During this period, your jawbone provides more security for the implant by fusing to the titanium material. The placement of your permanent restoration completes work to give you back your complete smile. We can provide a prosthetic to serve as a single tooth, or we can recommend a plan to secure a larger restoration to multiple implants.

Your Restoration Can Provide Functional And Cosmetic Benefits

A custom restoration will remain in place without interfering with neighboring teeth. The shape, size, and color of your appliance helps it fit in with surrounding teeth to give your smile a natural look. This is important for making sure your treatment leads to meaningful cosmetic changes. With that said, the durability of your prosthetic also matters. When we finish work to address your tooth loss, you can feel a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to bite and chew in a way that feels natural.

Using Multiple Implants To Hold A Larger Restoration

Many people will not begin prosthetic treatment until they need to address the loss of several teeth, or even the loss of a full row. In these situations, we can work out plans that rely on larger restorations. A full denture held by a series of implants can help you see a remarkable improvement to your appearance and dental function. If this is an approach to care that would benefit you, we can work carefully to determine how we can provide a permanent prosthetic with the most conservative approach to restoring your smile and oral health possible.

Talk To The Dental Implant Place To Plan Your Smile Restoration!

If you are ready to do something about tooth loss, find out how our practice can give you renewed confidence in the way you look, and in your oral health! To find out more, contact The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX at 817-560-0414.


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