Closeup of dental technician putting ceramic to dental implants in his laboratory.

The Many Hats Of A Dental Implant

Closeup of dental technician putting ceramic to dental implants in his laboratory.It goes without saying that, if given an option, nobody wants to part ways with their natural teeth. After all, they are permanent, and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Unfortunately, a handful of individuals do not get to make that decision and are instead faced with health complications that arise from a compromised or diseased tooth. In these cases, extraction is often the only route to go. The problem arises, however, when removal causes functional complications that make performing daily activities difficult, causing a need for replacement. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon discusses the importance of replacing missing teeth, and how dental implants can serve a variety of purposes.

Why They are Needed

Tooth loss can be a difficult process for many reasons. The process itself can seem frightening, and seeking treatment can appear daunting to take on. What’s more, treatment anxiety can take over and figuratively paralyze an individual from acquiring the treatment they need. If one waits too long, however, he or she may face other complications such as jaw degradation and even more structures falling out. Because of this, it is imperative to seek treatment as soon as possible.

For many, it is the issues that arise after losing a structure that is most troubling. These include functional complications that make daily tasks such as biting and chewing relatively difficult. You see, your teeth contain roots that are embedded into the jaw that help your crown absorb the pressure of your bite. With even a single structure gone, your bite must strain to readjust and accommodate.

Addressing a Compromised Tooth

Because of the issues listed above, a dental implant may be the best option. Complete with a biocompatible post to function as an artificial root, an abutment, and a lifelike custom-made crown restoration, an implant can help restore much of the function from your missing structure. Contact our team to learn more about the placement and design process.

A Solution for a Variety of Loss

A major benefit that arises from the use of biocompatible posts involves their ability to address a variety of tooth loss. For instance, a single structure can be addressed with a single implant and restoration. In cases where an individual has lost multiple adjacent teeth, an implant-retained dental bridge would be a better fit.

Even still, surely an implant cannot address total structural loss, right? Wrong! Implant-retained dentures utilize a specific method known as All-On-4 to secure your restorations to your mouth while keeping your function and appearance in mind.

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