An All-In-One Office Streamlines Your Treatment

Interior of dental practice room with chair, lamp, dental scan on the display and stomatological toolsFor some, prosthodontics may seem like an option that never has to be considered. After all, all a person has to do is maintain a healthy smile for life, right? The problem arises, however, when life has different plans. Indeed, oral health concerns such as dental decay, infection, sleep apnea, and more can heavily influence a structure’s integrity. What’s more? These concerns can even develop at such a rate that you end up enduring significant damage and pain before even realizing there was an issue to begin with. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon examines the common concerns associated with implant dentistry, and explains how an all-in-one lab helps streamline the process.

Mitigating Costs to Time

When individuals experience tooth loss in many shapes and forms, the immediate solution tends to point toward implant dentistry. Indeed, dental implants offer a unique benefit that traditional restorations cannot, and that is the ability to restore your smile’s function. This includes the ability to properly absorb your bite’s pressure so that you can return to performing routine tasks like biting and chewing with ease.

In most situations, your dentist will recommend a biocompatible post, then outsource to specialists to help create your custom post and crown restoration. Naturally, you will have to account for the time it takes the specialists to communicate and produce their portion of the restoration. Given differing hours and distances between one-another, this can slow down the process dramatically.

What’s more? You end up receiving different bills from each actor, causing the total cost of your treatment (in terms of billing and time) to become much greater than anticipated. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Proper Equipment with an In-House Lab

With the help of a well-versed staff of specialists and an in-house lab, our team can reduce your total costs. Indeed, our team is capable of overseeing your procedure through every step of the process. This includes coming in for the initial consultation, planning your treatment, creating your custom crown restoration, and even surgically placing your biocompatible implant post.

Another major benefit of an in-house lab includes the ability to determine the optimal placement of your post. Dr. Brown utilizes a combination of CT scanning, CAD/CAM restorations, and guided implant surgery to help you achieve the highest rates of successful treatment.

Highly-Realistic Solutions

By having the same team in charge of the entire process, we are able to accomplish a higher-quality finish. Indeed, being able to collaborate in such a close and skilled manner, we are able to more accurately ensure your new restoration mimics that of your natural teeth, even down to the shape and shade.

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